6 Souvenir Ideas You’ll Make Everyone So Jealous Of

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  1. I love the idea you put in. Thanks for the incredible ways to have my souvenir. Cheers

  1. 18. August 2016

    […] That’s why I’ve included a mini-guide of the spices, most often used to prepare Bulgarian food. You can find most of them at home, but if you’re visiting Bulgaria, why not take with you a selection of these spices as a souvenir? […]

  2. 23. December 2016

    […] make sure it’s something authentic and original and not something produced in a basement in an Asian country under terrible conditions and sold […]

  3. 27. December 2016

    […] Don’t forget to try the cigars, coffee and rum, which also make for great souvenir ideas. […]

  4. 17. January 2017

    […] are several great souvenirs you could bring home with you to help you revive your great memories at […]

  5. 7. February 2017

    […] out the paintings at Place du Tertre or even buy one as a souvenir. Or have a cup of coffee at one of the tables, lining the cobblestone paved […]

  6. 7. March 2017

    […] back on the main street, on your way out of town, don’t forget to buy a glass of home-made fig jam as a souvenir from your visit to Melnik. I’m sure you’ll want to remember your day in the tiny Bulgarian […]

  7. 5. April 2017

    […] a craft beer to your order and take a bottle of South African wine with you as a souvenir and you’ll at least have some basic idea about how heavenly scrumptious South African food […]

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