10 Of The Coolest And Most Unusual Things To Do In Paris

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  1. 2. December 2018

    […] That being said… we did get a great snapshot. Here are 5 of our favorite sights in Paris (skipping the 5 most obvious: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre and a trip to Versailles, and opting for more unusual things to do in Paris). […]

  2. 7. December 2018

    […] Wall of love has been voted as one of the most unusual things to do in Paris so make sure you check it out on your […]

  3. 5. February 2019

    […] Metro and RER during rush hour (which is to be expected). Why not go and explore some of the more unusual things to do in Paris without the […]

  4. 6. February 2019

    […] Sainte Chapelle isn’t the only place in Paris with amazing surprises. There are so many cool and unusual places to see in Paris! […]

  5. 21. February 2019

    […] 10 Of The Coolest And Most Unusual Things To Do In Paris […]

  6. 14. March 2019

    […] If you already know all the vegan places in Paris, discover 10 Of The Coolest And Most Unusual Things To Do In Paris. […]

  7. 21. March 2019

    […] So here’s a short but sexy list to inspire your search for unusual things to do in Paris: […]

  8. 27. March 2019

    […] More about Paris?10 Unusual Things to do in Paris […]

  9. 23. April 2019

    […] Paris offers a myriad of (unusual) things to do, leaving the French capital for a day trip or two should be on your travel list as […]

  10. 4. May 2019

    […] The exemplary portraits,the ordinances of Napolean Bonaparte,the outrageous battles he fought in,including portraits of palaces,horses,ships and artifacts from the French history are preserved in the Louvre museum.The museum is the largest in the world and is the kennel for the largest art collections in history.I was fascinated and blessed to see the remarkable work and remnants in the museum which is encouraging for any artist and painter.There is also an association known as Friends of Louvre which is popular and renowned among donors and art patrons.There are some musical festivals that takes place in the city to celebrate the spirits and joys of Paris. […]

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