55 Fun And Interesting Facts About Bulgaria (From A Local)

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading these facts, N! I bet it took you a while to compile all of them in such a comprehensive list. Makes me proud I am a Bulgarian. Thank you!

  1. 13. September 2018

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  2. 13. September 2018

    […] in, the activities you take part in, the food you devour. Gather your information carefully, read these facts about Bulgaria and make sure you decide whether or not Bulgaria is safe […]

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  5. 27. April 2019

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  6. 9. July 2019

    […] for almost 500 years. Proclaimed independence in 1908, captured by Russians became Communist state. Bulgaria joint European Union in 2007. […]

  7. 11. December 2019

    […] 1, Link 2, Link 3, Link 4, Link […]

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