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I’m not going to tell you how you must travel or what kind of traveler you need to be because there isn’t a right or wrong way to travel.

It’s not true that “solo traveling” or “budget traveling” are the only ways to fully experience a destination.

Or that you need to “pack light” to feel free during your trips.

Who am I to tell you to leave your bathrobe home, if that’s the thing that makes you comfortable in a new place? ;)

Or to tell your significant other or your friends to suck it and stay home, because you need some time alone.

You can still make enough alone time during your trip, you know.

So Why Should You Listen to My Travel Advice?

While I’m not concentrating on low-budget traveling, I’ll still give you enough tips on how to save a buck or two on the road without having to sacrifice your comfort.

So why you should listen to anything I have to tell, you ask?

Here’s what I know about the world so far:

  • I was born in Bulgaria. I studied, worked, and lived in Germany. Nowadays, I spend my time between Spain and Bulgaria.
  • I’ve engaged in every possible travel style. And I’ve enjoyed them all!
  • As an experienced Tester and QA Engineer, I have an eye for detail, unlike most travelers and tourists. So who better to review a destination, accommodation, transport means, or a gadget?
  • Besides my mother tongue Bulgarian, I fluently speak English, German, and Spanish, and can get by with Russian.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my life so far, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.

You never know which activity might turn into your new hobby, or which dish would become your new favorite meal.

And even if you disliked that last meal or activity, it still makes for a fun story, right?

Where I’ve Been and Can Help You Travel to?

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Where I’ve Been Featured?

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Are You Ready to Join Me on an Adventure?

So here’s a question for you:

✔️Do you have the same idea about travel as me?

✔️Do you like to engage in new activities and try new things?

✔️Do you like to learn new facts, not from a book or your smartphone but from real people and places?

If the answer is “yes“, then we have more in common than you thought.

So let’s travel together, shall we?