Cyprus Beaches: The Best 12 Spots For Your Sun-Thirsty Tushy

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I like that all of the beaches you listed are unique from another. I gravitate towards checking out Aphrodite beach because the photo is stunning! Also, Blue Lagoon Beach looks like a great place for a dip after a hike, if there is good trekking in the National Park.

    • NTripping says:

      Great choice, Jimmy!

      It is true, most beaches in Cyprus are quite unique. Especially when combined with an ancient burial site, a natural park, or a vibrant little town in their proximity, they all make for amazing day trips :)

      Cheers and happy travels,

  2. Jane says:

    And what is great, Cyprus is quite a small country, so we can explore nearly all of them. Just have your passport and the whole island is here for discovery. Definitely, on my list :-) Thanks!

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Jane,

      you’re absolutely right! Cyprus is such a great road trip destination and beach hopping is a great way to spend a vacation on the island :)


  3. Hi there,

    There is no better addiction than the one for the beaches. I would rate it the best addictions of all. Enjoyed your journey through the waves and sunsets. I have an addiction for sunrises and sunsets and the beaches in front of them just look perfect. I would love to wake up to each of them, especially the sunrise beach… :)

  4. Chris says:

    This is a pretty good selection though it’s difficult to choose which are the best from all the beaches that we have in Cyprus. Eventually it comes down to personal preference but surely there is more than one beach for every taste.

    • NTripping says:

      You’re absolutely right, Chris!

      I had a tough time narrowing down the list. Initially, I wanted to include just ten beaches – a nice round number. But I just couldn’t cut down the number any further :) So now there are (at least) 12 Cyprus beaches people have to check out to pick their favourite ;)


  5. FS Page says:

    You seem to have compiled a lovely list. And pretty useful too. I love each and every beach on the list. Had no idea Cyprus had so many different types of beaches.

  6. Derek Cullen says:

    I was always more interested in exploring the coastline as opposed to sitting on a sandy beach so the Blue Lagoon looks fantastic! I wonder how long before some of these lesser known spots become super busy? Hopefully not anytime soon…at least not before I get there to see it for myself! Thanks for the inspo!

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Derek,

      if you prefer rugged cliffs to sandy beaches, than Cyprus is definitely your place! There are some incredible formations around the island, as well as ancient ruins.

      You’re right – let’s hope Cyprus doesn’t get over-touristy as other parts of Europe!


  7. Best Hotel in Baguio says:

    Great list of Beaches in Cyprus. Never thought that Cyprus has these beautiful beaches. Love to include this on my bucket list.

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