Cyprus Beaches: The Best 12 Spots For Your Sun-Thirsty Tushy

While in Europe the summer is all but a nice memory, the Cyprus beaches still welcome the most enthusiastic and sun-thirsty travellers.

Here is a fun fact for you:

The Mediterranean island republic has the longest summer in Europe.

The Best Cyprus Beaches

So if you missed the chance to stock on vitamin D during the somewhat short summer this year, you can still find a cheap flight and explore the best beaches in Cyprus.

When To Visit The Cyprus Beaches?

Even in January, you’ll be able to sunbathe on more than one occasion. Meanwhile, locals even swim in the pleasantly refreshing waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

However, to ensure you enjoy the perfect beach conditions, it is best to visit Cyprus between the months of April and November.

Of course, if you want to do some exploration away from the seacoast without hordes of tourists, avoid travelling to the island in July and August. Remember, that as the temperatures rise, so do the prices of accommodation.

The coastline of Cyprus is predominantly rocky with rugged cliffs rising up tens of metres. The Mediterranean Sea has sculptured jaw-dropping arcs and bottomless caves. Nevertheless, if you know where to search, you’ll find some amazing beaches as well.

Tip: check this one week Cyprus itinerary by Sidewalk Safari before you hit the road.

So now that you know when to visit, let’s check out what the best spots to position your sun-thirsty buttocks are and find out the best Cyprus beaches!

1. Latchi Beach: Explore The Small Gem Near A Vibrant Marina

Latchi Beach
Latchi Beach: explore the small gem near a vibrant marina. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

The beach near the small fishermen village Latchi, with its vibrant harbour, offers sunbed and umbrella rentals.

The pebble stone beach with sandy spots provides clear warm waters, perfect for swimming. Just beware, that the water gets deep very close to the shore.

The proximity of the village ensures that you can have a scrumptious lunch or dinner with the view of the lively marina. You can also hire boats or arrange a fishing trip.

How to get there: Latchi is accessible by car and public bus from Paphos and Limassol.

2. Blue Lagoon Beach: Discover A Rough Diamond

Blue Lagoon Beach
Blue Lagoon Beach: discover a rough diamond. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

The Blue Lagoon Beach is a spot for the real adventurous travellers.

Situated on the Akamas Peninsula, inside the National Park, it is reachable via a boat or a bumpy ride in a buggy or an ATV.

Alternatively, you can visit the beautiful bay and its refreshing waters hiking on the Aphrodite Trail. Start from Aphrodite’s Baths, a popular tourist attraction, and continue towards Fontana Amarosa. The coastline en route is magical. The fantastic views will make the hour-long hike pass like a breeze.

The final reward is a heavenly spot just for your sun-thirsty tushy. Your solitude comes at a price, however. There are absolutely no amenities at this beach.

How to get there: the Blue Lagoon is only reachable via boat, trekking, or riding an off-road vehicle.

3. Lara Beach: Visit The Protected Nesting Ground For Sea Turtles

Lara Beach
Lara Beach: visit the protected nesting grounds for sea turtles. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

Lara Beach lies on the western coast of Cyprus in the middle of nowhere.

The access is via a dirt road. Hence, it is best to arrive on a buggy or a quad.

The beach is a protected area as it is the nesting ground for sea turtles. It is one of the most secluded and wild Cyprus beaches.

The views surrounding Lara Beach are stunning and worth the difficult access. Once you’ve positioned yourself on the fine sand, you can enjoy the peace and quiet or go for a swim. Just stay clear of the turtle nests.

And if you’ve brought your snorkelling equipment with you, you won’t be disappointed by the underwater views either.

How to get there: located far from the main road, Lara Beach is best reached by an off-road vehicle.

4. Coral Bay: Walk The Horseshoe-shaped Playground For All Ages

Coral Bay
Coral Bay: walk the horseshoe-shaped playground for all ages.

If you’re tired of exploring ancient ruins and the numerous other cool things to do in Paphos, head to Coral Bay.

This Cypriot beach offers what the famous for its ruins neighbour lacks:

The sandy, horseshoe-shaped stretch of sand has tourist amenities and enough space for sunbathing and a relaxing swim. Hence, visiting it is a great idea for a day trip from Paphos.

Beware that seaweed grows almost everywhere in the crescent-shaped bay.

The municipality makes great efforts in cleaning the beach and collecting the weeds. You can see large mountains of it on the beach, which provide an awesome playground for kids of any age. For adults, the smell can be a little annoying, though.

Sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as showers and toilets, are available for a fee.

And if laying on the beach or swimming becomes too boring for you, you can rent a boat and enjoy the rugged Cypriot coastline in the area.

How to get there: Visiting Coral Bay is one of the best things to do in Paphos. It is easily accessible by car and by public bus.

5. Aphrodite Beach: Find The Birthplace Of A Goddess

Aphrodite Beach
Aphrodite Beach: find the birthplace of a goddess. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

Located between Paphos and Limassol, Aphrodite Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful Cyprus beaches. It overlooks a rock in the water with the same name, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions on the island.

Legend says that the Greek goddess of love, beauty, and fertilityAphrodite – was born from sea-foam at this rock.

Whether you believe in Greek mythology or not, visiting the pebble-stoned beach is worth it of your time.

The sound of the rolling pebbles when the waves retrieve from the coast is soothing. The sunsets are mesmerising and the atmosphere is relaxing despite the proximity of the street.

Swimming in the waters at the beach is not advisable for beginners. The waves crash at the rocks and might pull you dangerously towards them.

How to get there: Aphrodite Beach is easily accessible by public bus and by car.

6. Pissouri Beach: Relax On Colourful Pebbles

Pissouri Beach
Pissouri Beach: relax on colourful pebbles. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

Pissouri Beach with its smooth and colourful pebbles is a great spot for relaxation. The chill atmosphere and the reasonably priced sun loungers and umbrellas provide everything you need for a great day at the seaside.

You can go for a swim or participate in water sports. Beware that the sea near Pissouri Beach is rather deep. The water temperatures are lower than at other Cyprus beaches.

At the east end of the beach, there’s a designated nude area. It is more crowded on weekends than during the week.

How to get there: Pissouri Beach is easily accessible by car or by public bus from the village with the same name.

7. Mackenzie Beach: Watch The Jets Fly Over Your Head

Mackenzie Beach
Mackenzie Beach: watch the jets fly over your head.

Located between the centre of Larnaca and its airport, Mackenzie Beach offers what very few beaches do. The sight of low-flying airplanes moments before they land, as well as briefly after they take off, is spectacular.

Of course, if the noise bothers you, better skip this long sandy stretch of sand. But if you decide to visit, the cool cafés, bars, and eateries alongside the beach will offer you enough comfort and culinary experiences.

The beach is perfect for swimming or walking either on the sand or along the promenade, lined with palm trees. It is not as busy at its neighbour, the Finikoudes Beach, and is even much quieter at times between landings and take-offs.

Sunbeds and umbrellas are available at reasonable prices. Seaweeds in the water and at the beach might obstruct your swim or walk.

How to get there: from the Old Town of Larnaca, you can walk along the seacoast and reach Mackenzie Beach on foot. Alternatively, you can come by car or by public bus.

8. Sirens Beach: Uncover A Secret Perl

Sirens Beach is a rare find very few visitors of the island know about.

Located far from touristy towns, but still easily accessible from the main road, it offers a mixture of pebbles and sand to accommodate your buttocks.

The small beach is tranquil and almost empty. The available umbrellas and loungers are free of charge.

If you want a beach just for yourself, you’ve found the perfect spot to suntan your tushy.

How to get there: it is best to visit Sirens Beach by car.

9. Makronissos Beach: Try Water Sports Near An Ancient Burial Site

Makronissos Beach lies near Ayia Napa and Protaras, adjacent to an ancient burial site. The tombs and the beach are situated on a small peninsula in the shape of a fishtail.

The bay features golden sand. Its clear waters are shallow making the beach perfect for families with kids.

It is not overcrowded and the amenities are decent. Prices for sunbeds and umbrellas are reasonable. Parking is free with plenty of space.

There is less seaweed at Makronissos Beach than at the neighbouring Cyprus beaches, making swimming much more pleasant. Participating in water sports activities is also something you should definitely try here.

How to get there: Makronissos Beach features a rather large parking lot, so visiting by car is a great option.

10. Nissi Beach: Enjoy The Unique Party Vibe

Nissi Beach
Nissi Beach: enjoy the unique party vibe. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

Nissi Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus. However, you should visit it not for its fine white sand and Blue Flag clear waters, but for the unique party vibe.

You probably don’t want to come here with your kids, as the parties in the bars near the beach are never-ending.

If you prefer to enjoy Nissi Beach without too many other tourists, you need to arrive as early as possible. As the day gets older, more people come and the music from the nearby bars becomes louder.

The eateries around Nissi Beach serve food at relatively high prices. If you want to avoid overpaying for your meal, you can buy snacks and refreshments at the nearby supermarket.

How to get there: you can visit Nissi Beach by car.

11. Konnos Beach: Swim In The Warmest Waters

Konnos Bay
Konnos Bay: swim in the warmest waters. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

Konnos Beach is a fantastic stretch of white sand with shallow, crystal clear waters, perfect for swimming. The bay protects the beach from the winds, keeping the water temperatures pleasant even in the colder months of the year.

The beach is quite popular and gets densely populated. If you wish to find a parking spot and rent an umbrella and sunbeds, arrive before 10:00 AM.

At Konnos Beach, you can practice different water sports. Hire a speedboat to get your adrenaline pumping. Alternatively, rent a paddleboard or a kayak and provide your muscles with a nice workout.

How to get there: Konnos Beach is accessible by car and by public bus.

12. Sunrise Beach: Wave Goodbye To A Perfect Beach Day

As the name suggests, Sunrise Beach is a great spot for observing the sun disappearing behind the horizon.

During the day, the white sand beach with clear blue waters isn’t very populated. It offers sunbeds and umbrellas at reasonable prices, as well as amenities and eateries.

How to get there: Sunrise Beach is easily accessible by car and by public bus. The latter option involves a short walk to the beach.

Travel Tips For Visiting The Best Beaches In Cyprus

The gorgeous island republic offers a tonne of things to do.

Although this post is about the best beaches, don’t spend your days just sunbathing.

Instead, do a road trip through Cyprus! Alternate lazy days on the beach with exploring ancient ruins and medieval towns.

Here are some tips to make your visit even smoother:

Cypriot Rugged Coastline
The rugged coastline of Cyprus: if you don’t know where to find the best beaches in Cyprus, you’ll end up hurting your tushy on the rough cliffs.
  • Have in mind that the last five Cyprus beaches on this list are located in Northern Cyprus. To enter its territory, you’ll need an international passport. For the rest of Cyprus, EU citizens only need a valid national ID.
  • Make sure you are aware of the Cyprus travel scams, which travellers have reported!
  • Despite the almost all-year sunny weather, the wind might be fierce at times. Don’t risk getting ill by going in the water on windy days.
  • For the latest bus timetables, ticket fares, and route planning visit Cyprus by Bus.
  • Taxi fares on the island are exorbitant. Although there are state-regulated prices, the taxi drivers might try to cheat you with a higher rate.
  • The best way to see Cyprus is by renting a car. Just remember, that the driving direction is left. The main roads are in excellent condition and the traffic signs are also written in English.
  • The prices for sunbeds and umbrellas are usually around 2.50€/each on most Cyprus beaches.
  • Read also: Cyprus travel resources, a collection of online resources and information about travelling in Cyprus.

Do you think your tushy will enjoy a day at the beach in Cyprus?

Tell me:

Now that you know where to find the best beaches in Cyprus, which one would you want to visit first?

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The Best Beaches In Cyprus
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  1. I like that all of the beaches you listed are unique from another. I gravitate towards checking out Aphrodite beach because the photo is stunning! Also, Blue Lagoon Beach looks like a great place for a dip after a hike, if there is good trekking in the National Park.

    1. Great choice, Jimmy!

      It is true, most beaches in Cyprus are quite unique. Especially when combined with an ancient burial site, a natural park, or a vibrant little town in their proximity, they all make for amazing day trips :)

      Cheers and happy travels,

  2. And what is great, Cyprus is quite a small country, so we can explore nearly all of them. Just have your passport and the whole island is here for discovery. Definitely, on my list :-) Thanks!

    1. Hey Jane,

      you’re absolutely right! Cyprus is such a great road trip destination and beach hopping is a great way to spend a vacation on the island :)


  3. Hi there,

    There is no better addiction than the one for the beaches. I would rate it the best addictions of all. Enjoyed your journey through the waves and sunsets. I have an addiction for sunrises and sunsets and the beaches in front of them just look perfect. I would love to wake up to each of them, especially the sunrise beach… :)

    1. Hey Rajat,

      that a great mission! I wish you luck – hopefully, you’ll get to wake up and see the sunrise from every Cyprus beach!


  4. This is a pretty good selection though it’s difficult to choose which are the best from all the beaches that we have in Cyprus. Eventually it comes down to personal preference but surely there is more than one beach for every taste.

    1. You’re absolutely right, Chris!

      I had a tough time narrowing down the list. Initially, I wanted to include just ten beaches – a nice round number. But I just couldn’t cut down the number any further :) So now there are (at least) 12 Cyprus beaches people have to check out to pick their favourite ;)


  5. You seem to have compiled a lovely list. And pretty useful too. I love each and every beach on the list. Had no idea Cyprus had so many different types of beaches.

    1. Thank you for your kind words!

      It is true, the beaches of Cyprus are incredibly diverse. There aren’t two alike.


  6. I was always more interested in exploring the coastline as opposed to sitting on a sandy beach so the Blue Lagoon looks fantastic! I wonder how long before some of these lesser known spots become super busy? Hopefully not anytime soon…at least not before I get there to see it for myself! Thanks for the inspo!

    1. Hey Derek,

      if you prefer rugged cliffs to sandy beaches, than Cyprus is definitely your place! There are some incredible formations around the island, as well as ancient ruins.

      You’re right – let’s hope Cyprus doesn’t get over-touristy as other parts of Europe!


  7. Best Hotel in Baguio says:

    Great list of Beaches in Cyprus. Never thought that Cyprus has these beautiful beaches. Love to include this on my bucket list.

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