How To Find Cheap Flights To Anywhere In 5 Easy Steps

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  1. Svet says:

    Wow, N., you promised and delivered! This is by far the best guide I’ve ever read on flying inexpensively.

    So many golden nuggets here, my bucket got full, so when I am back for more nuggets, I’ll treat you a fragrant virtual coffee.


  2. Hardy Bains says:

    A very useful article to read. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Fine work. Keep it up.

  1. 3. October 2018

    […] How to find cheap flights to anywhere is an art very few travellers have mastered. […]

  2. 3. October 2018

    […] Very often, flight search tools don’t include low-budget airlines. Make sure you dig deeper when trying to find a cheap flight. […]

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  4. 3. October 2018

    […] Try to find the cheapest yet reasonably comfortable way to get there. Learn how to find cheap flights to basically anywhere in the world in just five simple steps. […]

  5. 9. October 2018

    […] make the most of that. Studying abroad will certainly not be cheap when you consider the cost of return flights, visas and any other travelling you may want to do whilst out there. However, all other university […]

  6. 10. October 2018

    […] However, I have to admit that I don’t always travel cheap: I sometimes like a treat in a nice hotel or a delicious restaurant, and I love diving – which is a costly activity. I keep track of these types of activities, to ensure they are seen as a treat and something special. I also love to explore further than my region, which then involves flying and make the trip immediately much more expensive – but it is also possible to find cheap flights. […]

  7. 10. October 2018

    […] monthly budget was 800 € (approximately $950). Including the university fees. And flights to go see our family during the […]

  8. 12. October 2018

    […] in adventure travel, Central America is a great place to start. Just find yourself one of the many cheap flights and get […]

  9. 17. October 2018

    […] London or Dublin first, as flights to these cities are normally cheaper. After that, you can get a cheap flight (20-30 euros) with Ryanair, Flybe or Wizz Air or you can also get a train (from London). If […]

  10. 3. January 2019

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  11. 28. January 2019

    […] you searching for cheap flights to Italy in the next browser […]

  12. 27. February 2019

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  13. 1. June 2019

    […] Tip: now that you’ve found your perfect, affordable accommodation, it’s time to search for a cheap flight to your dream destination as well ;) Check my guide on how to find the best airfare in five simple steps! […]

  14. 16. July 2019

    […] Luckily for those travelers who cannot survive overland travel you can find cheap flights around the […]

  15. 26. October 2019

    […] are dozens of websites where you can compare flight rates and tips on how to get the best rates. Here are some recommendations on how to save money on flights and what you should be looking […]

  16. 16. May 2020

    […] that you’ve used air miles to redeem.These days, it’s easy to do your research to find cheap flights. Work out your strategy early on – for example, there might be more value in a higher number […]

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