30 Remarkable Travel Blogs Which Will Make You Insanely Envious

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  1. Derek Freal says:

    Thanks for including me in this list. In such great company as well :) There is only one blog on this list I haven’t heard of, and only a couple of folks here that I haven’t met in real life yet. BTW I like the categories that you broke the blogs up into. Very catchy. Anyway, cheers!

  2. Shirley says:

    Inspiring, also check out HauteCulture’s travel blog who focuses on indigenous tribes and cultural costume

  3. Thanks so much for including me, and especially for featuring my article about volunteering and volunteering in Nepal.

  4. Chris says:

    you missed out on http://unusualtraveler.com/ a travel blog about unusual destinations around the world, from headhunters in India, North Korea, +++

  5. LOVE the headings for these categories!! Thanks so much for including us – we’re honoured to be considered among such great travel bloggers!

  6. Pedro says:

    Great list! I didn’t know some of them, so I’ll get some inspiration on their blogs.


  7. Samantha says:

    Thanks for including us :)

  8. Evie says:

    Awesome list – and some more for me to follow! I’m a solo mum traveling with my six year old daughter through Asia for 18 months. We blog at mumpacktravel.com.au and are on Insta and Facebook. There’s quite a few single parents traveling with kids…might be worth an addition, we’re all trying to encourage solo parent families to travel and show that it can be done! xoxo

    • NTripping says:

      Thanks, Evie! I’ll definitely check your blog :) Good luck with your travels – you’re giving your daughter the best possible education! :)

  9. Akash Joshi says:

    Amazing post. People on this list prove that you dont need a big pocket to live your dream.Thanks for sharing!!

    • NTripping says:

      Exactly my point, Akash! Experiences are more valuable than possessions, I hope more people will understand this :) Have a great day!

  10. Barry says:

    Great stuff. I already follow most of these guys, but there’s a few more on there to add to the list!

  11. Williamdob says:

    I really liked your article.Really thank you! Awesome. Landess

  12. Lisa says:

    Missing a lot of great blogs here: Keep Calm & Travel, Anna Everywhere, Never Ending Footsteps, WildJunket :)

  13. Some very good suggestions here. I look forward to taking a look at them.

  14. Cathy says:

    Great list with so many inspiring travelers!

  15. Hey this list is awesome. A few familiar faces are also my favorite bloggers to read. Now I find out some more thanks to your suggestion :) Thank you!

  16. Cool peeps you have here. I know most of them but nice to see a couple of new faces. Travel Happy!

  17. Good to get inspired and motivated by full time travellers. We are newbies but you may also check out our blog :) http://www.travelthecorners.com/home.html

  18. Maria Han says:

    Great list! Good Luck to all the seasoned bloggers and hopefully we will know more about all your exciting adventures in future. Happy Travelling. :)

  19. Man, Someday would love to join this list. Thanks for the write up.

  20. Jennifer says:

    That is wonderful article.Thanks for sharing article.

  21. Roman says:

    Hi there… What a great list! I also have a travel blog. I hope you like it and I would be euphoric to see my blog on your great list. :-)

    Happy travelling

  22. Hamid says:

    wonderful list, thanks for sharing, i write regular articles and i may check them for inspirations :)

  23. Lucy Owens says:

    Don’t forget thetraveltextbook.com for student travellers! Great list – given me a few more blogs to follow!

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Lucy, thanks for the suggestion, I’m checking your blog and I really like it :)
      Glad you found the list useful, there are indeed some very inspiring travel blogs on it ;)
      Cheers, N.

  24. Fantastic roundup! Nice to see fellow solo female travelers out there rocking it!

  25. Svet says:

    Wow, what a lovely bunch of peeps here! I am honoured to be around so many great bloggers and I really hope to meet more of them on our jaunts across the globe!

    Thanks for including me, N!

    • NTripping says:

      My pleasure, Svet!

      Your travel blog features some of the best-crafted stories on the Internet :) One can really immerse herself in your world by reading your blog posts.

      Good luck and happy travels!

  26. John O Sullivan says:

    Big fan of Journalist on the Run, Irish Travel Blogger.

    • NTripping says:

      Hey John,

      I’ve come across this travel blog a few times in the past couple of months. You’re right, it’s a good one :)


  27. John Sutter says:

    Great list. I recognize a few of the folks on here. TwofortheRoad.com and MikesRoadTrip.com are both great travel blogs worth considering.

  28. NTripping says:

    Hi, John, thanks, you’re right – those are great travel blogs as well!

    It might be time for a second round up post to include all the suggestions from the comments and the travel blogs I have started following since I published this post.


  29. Well this has certainly done the trick, I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing, some really resourceful content on here :)

  30. Koreanguy says:

    Wow! Wonderful list, thanks for sharing, i write regular articles and i may check them for inspirations! Awesome !

  31. Dana says:

    Polmeetsworld.wordpress.com can be added to that list. He has been to 90 countries. Besides his blog he has a youtube page but no facebook, maybe the reason why he doesn’t seem to have much followers as he could have. He been to all continents and to more destinations then some bloggers with a bigger following audience. Check it out. By the way I’m folowing all the others above aswell.


  32. Sagar says:

    I am glad you have included Uncornered Market, they are my favorite

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Sagar,

      glad you liked the list! Every blog I’ve included is a great source of inspiration and information, in my opinion :)

      Cheers and happy travels!

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