10 Best Hidden Black Sea Beaches in Bulgaria to Explore

Do you love exploring pristine, empty beaches?

Then, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll tell you all about the best secret Bulgarian Black Sea beaches.

Learn where to find the most spectacular wild beaches in Bulgaria, when to visit them, and what activities to do.

Without further ado, here are the most spectacular hidden gems among the Black Sea beaches in Bulgaria.

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10 Best Secluded Bulgarian Black Sea Beaches

Black Sea Beaches
The best Black Sea beaches in Bulgaria don’t get too packed even in the summer months

Note that I haven’t included any of the resort beaches in Bulgaria. The reason for this is that they’re overcrowded and overpriced.

The best Bulgarian Black Sea beaches are the wild, secluded, off-the-beaten-path stretches of sand.

So, don’t expect to find great amenities on these Bulgarian beaches.

However, if nature is more important to you than a fancy beach bar or a hot-water shower, then these spectacular Black Sea beaches in Bulgaria are your cup of tea.

1. Silistar Beach: A Wild Beach Inside a Nature Reserve

Silistar Beach
Silistar is a true hidden gem among the Bulgarian Black Sea beaches

Silistar Beach is located inside a nature reserve. At the end of a dirt road through a lush forest, you’ll reach a fine gold sand stretch with showers, bars, and lifeguards.

The road to the beach is bumpy, and winds for about 2 km (1.25 mi) through the forest. For this reason, you’ll need a high-clearance vehicle to get there.

When I visited in June, there were only six people on this spectacular beach! On the downside, the bars were still getting ready to open for the season.

You can find sun beds and umbrellas, as well as cool beach bars at Silistar Beach.

🏖️ Activities: Silistar is perfect for swimming, walking, and climbing the cliffs at both ends of the beach. Don’t venture too far into the nearby forest as it’s a protected area. At the entrance, you’ll also find a bird-watching tower.

⚠️ Warnings: Despite having a lifeguard during the busy months of July and August, beware of unpredictable currents. Also, sometimes the owners of the nearby properties stop the vehicles going to the beach and require them to pay a fee for trespassing.

2. Butamyata Beach: Golden Sand and Fascinating Rock Formations

Butamyata Beach
Butamyata Beach in Sinemorets is fantastic for your summer vacation on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Butamyata Beach, the central beach of the coastal town of Sinemorets, offers brown sand and calm, clear turquoise waters.

Some basic facilities, as well as a couple of nice eateries and bars, occupy the sand. Beach umbrellas and sun beds are also available. Unfortunately, ugly concrete buildings on one end contrast with the beautiful green cliffs on the opposite side of the beach.

Ignore the ruins of the unfinished hotel and head to the far end of Butamyata. You’ll see a small river which flows into the Black Sea. Near the river mouth, you’ll find one of the coolest beach bars on any of the Bulgarian Black Sea beaches.

A steep path between the cliffs leads to the neighboring Lipite Beach and The Ships rock formation. If you’re up for a nice trek, it takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the next hidden gem.

🏖️ Activities: Swimming, when the weather and the sea conditions allow it, is a must here. Take the path starting near the small river mouth and hike to the next beach, Lipite. On the way, you’ll pass by the incredibly stunning rock formation The Ships.

⚠️ Warnings: Not the whole beach area is guarded. If you are unsure of your swimming skills, choose a spot near a lifeguard tower. Avoid swimming at the edges of the beach as the waves might pull you towards the cliffs.

3. Lipite Beach: Wild Camping at the Edge of the Forest

Lipite Beach
Lipite Beach might not offer any eateries or facilities but its tranquillity is invaluable

Lipite Beach is difficult to access but totally worth the effort of getting there. The unguarded, unspoiled stretch of fine white sand is surrounded by cliffs and oak woods. The calm waters are great for swimming.

Lipite is one of the wildest Bulgarian beaches.

Only a few people trek from the nearby Butamyata Beach or drive the dirt road through the oak forest to get there, leaving it completely unspoiled.

🏖️ Activities: There are no facilities or eateries at Lipite Beach. Many of the visitors come to camp here, as wild camping in Bulgaria is not illegal.

⚠️ Warnings: No lifeguard is on duty, so swim at your own risk. People who come here value their privacy. Some of them are trying to get rid of their tan lines, so don’t disturb them.

4. Veleka Beach: Where the River Meets the Sea

Veleka Beach
The postcard-perfect Veleka Beach is one of the most stunning Bulgarian Black Sea beaches

Veleka Beach is perfect for surfing or walking but swimming is dangerous.

Veleka River flows into the Black Sea at the beach with the same name. The river is a bird watcher’s paradise.

Theoretically, you can swim in both the sea and the river at this Black Sea beach. In practice, the river waters are fast, brown, and unclear due to the muddy riverbed. And the sea is quite deep and unpredictable, thus dangerous for swimming.

To reach Veleka Beach, take the path from Sinemorets. It goes down a rather steep hill and offers magnificent views over the beach and the river. Bring your own food and drinks, as you won’t find any eateries or facilities at Veleka Beach.

🏖️ Activities: There’s a surf school at the beach. The waves and the wind create perfect conditions for surfers, but the beach is not suitable for swimmers. It is, however, perfect for a nice beach walk and a short hike.

🏖️ Another great activity you can indulge in is bird watching. Get up early and head to the observation tower at the back of the beach facing Veleka River.

⚠️ Warnings: Don’t be too brave or reckless to go swimming at Veleka Beach. There’s no one to pull you out of the water.

5. Coral Beach: Wild Golden Sand Dunes

Coral Beach can be reached after spending a few minutes on a bumpy road.

If you don’t mind driving your car off-road, you will get to an unspoiled stretch of fine golden sand with very few people.

Some of the visitors are nudists, but there’s enough space for everyone to enjoy their day.

🏖️ Activities: The embraced by dunes Coral Beach is great for a beach walk, a short dip in the water, and erasing those annoying tan lines. There are no eateries or facilities.

⚠️ Warnings: There’s no lifeguard at this Black Sea beach in Bulgaria.

6. Dyuni Beach: The Most Easily Accessible Wild Bulgarian Beach

Dyuni Beach
Dyuni Beach is one of the most accessible wild Bulgarian Black Sea beaches

The view of the spectacular Dyuni Beach from the road will stop you in your tracks.

If you’re driving on the older and slower road through the Black Sea resorts Kiten, Primorsko, and Dyuni, you can’t miss the nice, long stretch of undeveloped beach with fine-grained golden sand.

Simply park your car at the side of the road and enjoy a few hours on the long empty Dyuni Beach.

Depending on the current and the wind, in some months the water at Dyuni might be infested with plants, creating the illusion that it is dirty. It’s quite unpleasant to swim among the seaweed.

🏖️ Activities: This is one of the best spots on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast to simply stop your car at the side of the road and enjoy a couple of hours of sunbathing and swimming.

⚠️ Warnings: There’s no privacy at the beach as the road runs parallel to the sand dunes which don’t provide much shelter. The lack of a lifeguard and facilities means you have to bring everything you need with you and be very careful when going into the water.

7. Irakli Beach: Where the Mountains Kiss the Sea

Irakli Beach
Many consider Irakli Beach to be the most beautiful Bulgarian Black Sea beach

Irakli Beach is one of the most inaccessible beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

You’ll have to drive on a long and bumpy dirt road. At the end of the road, you’ll reach the beach, which is known as one of the best in Bulgaria.

On the southern end of Irakli Beach, you’ll see Cape Emine. This is where Stara Planina Mountain kisses the Black Sea.

The mountain, formerly known as the Balkan, gave its name to the Balkan Peninsula, or the Balkans for short. It runs from Eastern Serbia through the whole width of Bulgaria and reaches the Black Sea at Emine Cape near Irakli Beach.

The beach is a wild, undeveloped long stretch of beautiful sand. Unfortunately, it starts to receive tonnes of tourists around the beginning of July.

🏖️ Activities: Irakli Beach is great for swimming, chilling on the fine sand, or wild camping and stargazing. If you’ve made the effort to reach this beach, you might as well spend a night here.

⚠️ Warnings: The access to one of the most stunning Bulgarian Black Sea beaches is through a dirt road. There are no facilities at the beach.

8. Shkorpilovtsi Beach: The Longest Beach in Bulgaria

Shkorpilovtsi Beach
Shkorpilovtsi Beach is the longest of all Bulgarian Black Sea beaches

Shkorpilovtsi Beach is the longest Bulgarian beach. It’s a wide stretch of fine sand that runs for almost 10 km (6.21 mi).

A small town with the same name is located on the southern end of the beach. Naturally, more people visit this side of Shkorpilovtsi Beach.

You can take a nice long walk from the town towards the further end of the beach where you can enjoy your privacy. Alternatively, you can drive through the forest to reach the more secluded part of Shkorpilovtsi Beach.

If you take the exit through the oak forest just outside of town, you’ll reach a pristine part of the beach with no one around you.

🏖️ Activities: The beautiful dunes at Shkorpilovtsi Beach will provide a great background for a relaxing beach walk. Play with the waves, but go into the water with caution. There are no facilities at this Black Sea beach.

⚠️ Warnings: The road access to the longest Bulgarian Black Sea beach is quite adventurous.

9. Kamchia Beach: Where the Jungle Meets the Sea

Kamchia River mouths into the Black Sea at a spectacular sand beach next to a stunning forest

Located at the mouth of the Kamchia River, Kamchia Beach offers fine, golden sand dunes and privacy.

Only a few hotels and bungalows are located nearby. This makes the beach quite isolated from the main tourist stream.

When you get tired of hanging at the beach, head to the river pier for a chill boat ride. The river is slow and you can admire the wildlife in the longose grove. It looks a lot like a tropical jungle and is part of a UNESCO-listed biosphere reserve.

🏖️ Activities: Next to sunbathing and swimming, you can go for a boat ride on the Kamchia River. The wildlife in the surrounding forest is unparalleled.

⚠️ Warnings: Don’t go for a swim in the river.

10. Bolata Beach: Shallow Calm Waters and Kayaking

Bolata Beach
Bolata Beach with its perfect horse-shoe shape is a favorite spot for families and kayakers

Even in peak season, the horseshoe-shaped Bolata Beach only gets crowded on weekends. The rest of the time there’s plenty of space on the brown sand for families to enjoy a day in the calm shallow waters of the Black Sea.

On weekends, don’t even think of visiting Bolata Beach. The road leading there is extremely narrow and gets packed with parked vehicles.

The beach offers no facilities, umbrellas, or sunbeds. The water is very calm and shallow, making it perfect for small children to play the whole day.

It’s also a great starting point for a boat trip or a sea kayaking adventure.

For the most magnificent view of the horseshoe-shaped beach, hike the surrounding cliffs. Just don’t do it when the sun is at its peak.

🏖️ Activities: The calm, shallow waters at Bolata Beach invite for splashing and swimming. You can also join a boat or kayaking tour. Hike the hills around the beach for the best views.

⚠️ Warnings: Avoid coming on weekends. Bring your own umbrella, food, drinks, and plenty of sunscreen.

FAQs About the Best Bulgarian Black Sea Beaches

Below, you’ll find the most frequently asked questions about the Bulgarian Black Sea beaches, as well as my best travel tips for visiting them.

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Bulgarian Black Sea Beaches?

Sea Kayaking At The Northern Black Sea Coast
In May, the Black Sea might not be suitable for swimming, but it’s perfect for sea kayaking

The best time to visit the Bulgarian Black Sea beaches is at the end of June. This month boasts warm weather, refreshing waters, and fewer vacationers. Alternatively, go to the beaches in Bulgaria around the middle of September. The water and air are still warm, and most of the tourists have left.

Here’s the breakdown of the best time of the year to go to the Black Sea beaches in Bulgaria month by month:

The beach season in Bulgaria starts at the end of May.

However, the weather is still unpredictable and rain showers are not uncommon. Even if the air temperature is pleasant for a day at the beach, the water temperature is still only suitable for the bravest of swimmers.

Nevertheless, it’s perfect for other activities, such as sea kayaking.

In June, the temperatures rise and vacationers start to flock to the Black Sea beaches. The summer heat hasn’t turned the lush forests and the green meadows into gold, so it’s the perfect time for a beach vacation.

Without the crowds, you can best appreciate the colors of the Black Sea and the green scenery around you.

July and August are the hottest and busiest months of the year on the Bulgarian Black Sea beaches.

As the temperatures escalate to unbearable degrees in the cities, everyone who can afford it heads to the seacoast. Not just Bulgarians but also foreign tourists will battle with you for a room and a spot at the beach.

In September, most Bulgarians have run out of vacation days and are happy to celebrate the national holidays on September, 6th and September, 22nd away from home.

If you avoid these two holidays, you’ll end up having the Black Sea beaches mostly to yourself.

After the end of the European summer, it’s no longer beach weather and the strong winds at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast become quite hostile.

Where Are the Best Bulgarian Black Sea Beaches?

Cliff Dwellings
The Northern Black Sea coast is famous for its jaw-dropping rugged cliffs

The Bulgarian coastline generally divides into Southern and Northern. The invisible border runs through the coastal town of Obzor.

The Southern Black Sea is characterized by mild weather and fantastic sand beaches. The Northern Black Sea features rugged cliffs and strong winds.

Most of Bulgaria’s big coastal resort towns and party zones are on the Southern Black Sea coast.

The Northern Black Sea is mostly known for its unpredictable weather and strong winds. Hence, no surprise that it is home to the largest windmill farm in Bulgaria.

It is also famous for its rugged coastline. But there are also quite a few sand beaches in this part of the Bulgarian seaside for you to explore.

Tips for Visiting the Best Hidden Black Sea Beaches in Bulgaria

Tyulenovo Arch
Tyulenovo Arch at the Northern Black Sea coast

Below, you’ll discover my best travel tips and recommendations for visiting the hidden Bulgarian Black Sea beaches:

  • Rent an SUV. Since most of these Bulgarian Black Sea beaches are difficult to get to, I highly recommend driving a high-clearance vehicle. An SUV will do the trick. If you don’t have your own wheels, you can find the best rental prices from Discover Cars here.
  • Beaches near the borders are the most secluded. The Bulgarian Black Sea beaches become more secluded and less accessible the closer you go to the borders with Turkey in the south and Romania in the north.
  • Wild camping is not illegal in Bulgaria. You can go wild camping on most of the hidden Black Sea beaches on this list. Note that some of them are in protected areas. Make sure you don’t leave a trace behind.
  • Nude beaches. Topless sunbathing is quite common on all Bulgarian Black Sea beaches, even the most touristy ones. On the more off-the-beaten-path beaches, you’ll also encounter nude sunbathers and swimmers.
  • Secluded often means unguarded. Be cautious when going for a swim on a wild Bulgarian beach. Most of the ones on this list don’t have a lifeguard and are far from roads. If, god forbid, something happens to you, you’ll be on your own.

Now You Know Where to Find the Best Secluded Bulgarian Black Sea Beaches

So there you have it – the best Bulgarian Black Sea beaches for adventurers!

Whether you’re looking for an easily accessible wild beach or a spectacular stretch of sand at the edge of a forest, now you know how to avoid the crowds on your next beach vacation.

Pack your snacks and your beach umbrella, bring your sunscreen and your snorkeling gear, and be careful when swimming at these awesome Black Sea beaches in Bulgaria.

Now, it’s your turn:

How many of these gorgeous Bulgarian Black Sea beaches have you been to?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. So, it seems that the Bulgarian seaside can easily rival that of France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, and several more top destinations.

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      1. On the contrary, it did quite well. No camera can capture the real beauty – for that, we need to go visit!

        Haha, that’s a great point! Cheers!

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