The Best 10 Secluded Dominican Republic Beaches

Imagine this:

You’re going on your long awaited vacation to the Dominican Republic.

You’ve found the perfect spot, the perfect Dominican Republic beach. On the photos, it looks like a piece of heaven.

You arrive at your destination, you unpack your bags, and head to the beach.

Dominican Republic Beaches

But there’s an unpleasant surprise waiting for you.

You’ll have to share your view with a gazillion other tourists. You’ll have to listen to their loud laughter, hear their obnoxious stories, watch them get drunk or, God forbid, play beach volleyball!

What a nightmare!

All you want is a spot on one of the Dominican Republic beaches solely to yourself. A place to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, while working on your tan or swimming in the turquoise waters.

I understand.

You hate the noise and presence of drunken vacationers around you, a company you never asked for.

But here’s the thing:

If you’ve booked a vacation in a resort in the Dominican Republic, you’re most probably doomed to spend the time with lots of other people. And if it’s high season, it will be difficult to find a spot on the hotel’s beach for yourself and your companions.

Luckily, with 800 mi/1288 km of coastline, most of it consisting of sand beaches, the Dominican Republic has a perfect spot for everyone.

The island offers not only overcrowded but also absolute empty and secluded beaches. Little pieces of paradise, which are awaiting your arrival.

If only you knew where to find them…

The Best Secluded Dominican Republic Beaches

Look no further, because this list has exactly what you need. The 10 best secluded Dominican Republic beaches are also quite easily reachable from most resorts, where you might be staying.

Just a fair warning before you dig in:

Secluded sure means not lots of other people around you. It also means there might be no facilities available, such as toilets, showers or even a snack bar. Make sure to bring lots of water, some snacks, and all the necessities with you.

Without further ado, here they are, your personal pieces of heaven: the best secluded Dominican Republic beaches!

1. Playa Punta Popy: Serenity on Weekdays and a Loud Fiesta on Weekends

Playa Punta Popy - Best Beaches Dominican Republic
You will find loud fiesta on weekends and serenity on weekdays at Playa Punta Popy

Playa Punta Popy runs east of Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula and is a continuation of its beach.

It gets cleaner and less visited the further away from the town you get. The facilities include some basic bars and beach restaurants with restrooms and loungers. The beach is suitable for swimming and snorkelling as well as walking or kitesurfing.

Try to avoid Sundays, if you don’t like crowds. Locals like to gather for picnics and parties accompanied by loud music. After all, Dominicans also like spending time at the beach.

During the rest of the week, chances are you’ll have this pretty Dominican Republic beach all to yourself.

2. Playa Macao: Fine Sand Lined with Gorgeous Palms

Located only a short drive from Bavaro, this golden sand beach is often cited as one of Caribbean’s best. When you see its fine sand and beautiful palm trees, you’ll understand why.

At one end of Playa Macao, you’ll find the Macao Surf Camp. It offers surfing lessons and rents boards.

In the middle of the beach is the best spot for swimming.

Small seaside eateries and a restaurant on the top of the cliff are located at the Southern end of this Dominican Republic beach.

The place is a popular spot among locals on weekends and a stop for a swim for ATV and buggy tour groups. It gets a little noisy when the tour groups arrive. Luckily, most of them don’t spend much time at the beach, so you might end up alone for the rest of the day after their departure.

3. Punta Bonita: The Real Postcard-like Tropical Paradise

Punta Bonita - Dominican Republic Best Beaches
Punta Bonita: this shot sure looks like the perfect postcard. Make your friends envious by visiting one of the loveliest Dominican Republic beaches!

The small beach Punta Bonita West from Las Terrenas is probably the nearest thing to the classic image of a tropical paradise.

White sand and turquoise sea are lined by a stretch of coconut palms. Even the nearby villas don’t disturb the peaceful beach heaven.

This Dominican beach is a long stretch of sand, ending with a cliff on the East side. It separates it from its neighbour, Playa Las Ballenas.

To the west, you can find a few luxury villas and restaurants. Among them are a gourmet restaurant and a typical Dominican fish restaurant.

Swimming, jogging, walking, and riding are only a few of the options you have to entertain yourself. The waters are pretty shallow with almost no waves, which makes the beach perfect for a dip even if you’re not the strongest swimmer.

4. Playa Grande: Inviting Sea Chit-chatting with Soft Sand

There are several beaches with the same name in the Caribbean, and two alone in the Dominican Republic.

This one is the lesser known of them, situated near Luperon. It’s a more modest stretch of sand compared to the one of the same name and is the local seaside attraction. It’s also less visited and you’ll surely find a great spot to spend a day here.

A single hotel complex lies at the back of the beach. The sea is inviting, the sand is soft and clean, and the palms offer much-needed shade.

A handful of eateries and bars can be found nearby. What more do you need for a perfect beach day in the Dominican Republic?

5. Playa Uvero Alto: The Finest Brown Sand Lined with a Lush Coconut Forest

The Uvero Alto beach is a real hidden gem.

Only an hour away from Punta Cana International Airport and even less from the overcrowded Bavaro beaches, slightly further North from Playa Macao, almost no tourists visit this long, wide stretch of fine brown sand, surrounded by a lush coconut forest.

A few resorts are tucked in the area. Apart from them, there are only a couple of ranches.

The road leading to this Dominican Republic beach ends shortly after you exit the highway. The last meters are just an unpaved dirt road. No eateries or other facilities are available.

The area is quite undeveloped, but the countryside with the occasional ranch is simply stunning. The only people you might encounter are a few horseback riders in the distance.

6. Playa Fronton: Extreme Secludedness Worth the Effort

Playa Fronton - Dominican Republic Beaches
The first glimpse of some of the finest sand you’ll find on the Dominican Republic beaches is completely worth the hour-long hike through the coconut tree forest to reach Playa Fronton

Playa Fronton on the Samana Peninsula near the town Las Galeras is one of these places, which are extremely difficult to find on your own.

You have two options to get there.

A snorkelling boat trip is the easiest one. A short drive (preferably in a 4WD vehicle) followed by an hour-long trek through a coconut tree forest is the more adventurous way to reach Playa Fronton.

If you choose to find one of the most secluded Dominican Republic beaches by yourself, first you need to find the road leading there. It is not an easy task, as road signs are missing.

How to know you’re on the right track?

If you’re driving past huge blocks of marble cut directly from the hill to your left, then you’re headed in the correct direction.

Next, you’ll reach La Boca Del Diablo. The sea waves crash into the rocks and the water erupts high into the air through this spectacular blowhole.

Leave your vehicle there and head through the forest. The path to this extremely secluded Dominican beach is quite difficult to follow. Coconuts and palm branches cover most of the ground, so don’t make the mistake of walking in flip-flops.

The trek is sweaty despite the shades.

Nevertheless, once the first glimpse of one of the most hidden Dominican Republic beaches reveals before your eyes, you’ll know it was worth the effort!

Playa Fronton is backed with a 200 m high cliff used as a climbing wall. It also offers a small reef for snorkelling and quite spectacular surroundings for a beach walk or a swim.

There are no eateries or other facilities on the beach. A few palm trees on the soft golden sand provide enough shades.

7. Punta Rucia: Emerald Waters and Drop-dead Gorgeous Coral Reefs

Punta Rucia - Dominican Republic Beaches
Punta Rucia: spend a day laying on the perfect sand of this Dominican beach, or hire a boat and reach the nearby atoll Paradise Island

Just around the corner from the more famous Playa Ensenada in the North part of the country, Punta Rucia offers crystal clear emerald waters without waves. This makes swimming and snorkelling the perfect activities at this beach.

The small coral reef just off the shore is a real must-see, but the real gem is the little atoll island Cayo Paraiso (Paradise Island) a few minutes away from the coast.

Boat tours from Punta Rucia offer a short ride to the island where nothing but a few huts provide shades, drinks, and snacks (included in the price). Snorkelling equipment and a guide who shows you the best spots on the reef are also included. The way back leads through the mangroves, which means you must bring a mosquito repellent.

Back on the shore, there are a lot of options for having lunch or snacks. Just be careful where you choose to eat as hygiene is not always the best in this part of the Dominican Republic.

8. Playa Limon: Gigantic Waves Playing with Golden Sand

Playa Limon - Best Beaches Dominican Republic
Playa Limon: this Dominican Republic beach is difficult to reach but it is perfect for a flirt with the waves or a long beach walk

Only 45 mi/70 km North from Punta Cana, this Dominican Republic beach has managed to escape development due to the fact that it’s a part of a protected national park.

The long wide stretch of golden soft sand is more suitable for exploring than swimming. Big waves crash into the shore and change the face of the beach several times a day.

No facilities can be found near the beach, with the exception of a ranch which offers horseback rides.

In the area, also a part of the national park, you can visit Laguna del Limon. There you can rent a boat for a ride through the mangroves and bird watching. Again, beware of the hungry mosquitoes.

For a spectacular view of the whole coast, including the secluded beach and the laguna, don’t hesitate to climb the nearby Montana Redonda. The breathtaking panorama is totally worth the difficult road.

Tip: a visit to Playa Limon, the lagoon, and the top of the hill is among the best Punta Cana excursions you can organise yourself.

9. Playa Rincon: Pristinely White Sand Humming with Aquamarine Waters

Playa Rincon - Beaches Dominican Republic
Playa Rincon: one of the most famous Dominican Republic beaches doesn’t receive much visitors due to the difficult road leading to it

This is one of the most famous Dominican Republic beaches, but the lack of easy access keeps most tourists away. Only a robust 4WD vehicle or a boat from nearby Las Galeras will get you there.

The stunning horseshoe cove is free from obstructive development. Still, there are some very basic eateries on the beach. They serve some of the most delicious seafood imaginable.

The water at Playa Rincon is bluer than blue and the sand is pristine white.

On the North-West end, the river Caño Frio flows into the ocean, mixing its sweet cold waters with the salt sea water. The stream is strong enough to carry a person but you have to be careful not to injure yourself on the rocks and shells at the bottom of the riverbed.

Cano Frio, Playa Rincon - Dominican Republic Beaches
Playa Rincon, Caño Frio: despite its fame, most visitors on the beach are local kids

The other end of the beach is even less populated due to the lack of facilities. Here the waves crash into the cliffs and the place is absolutely secluded. Seagrapes and coconut palms provide good shades all through the 2 mi/3.2 km long beach.

10. Bahia de las Aguilas: Stunningly Turquoise Waters Washing your Concerns Away

Near Pedernales in the Western part of the country, far away from mass tourism, this 5 mi/8 km long stretch of white sand offers no facilities at all. The perfectly clear waters, however, make it probably one of the best Dominican Republic beaches.

You can get to Bahia de las Aquilas either by boat from Cabo Roja (takes about 10 min) or after a bumpy ride and a long hot walk.

Your efforts to get to this extremely secluded Dominican Republic beach will be rewarded with beautiful views, including the sight of flamingos and turtles. Snorkelling and swimming in the clear turquoise waters will make you forget all the sweating on the way to the beach.

Where To Stay To Explore The Best Secluded Dominican Beaches

You can only celebrate the end of a fantastic day at the beach at an equally gorgeous accommodation. Choose one of these options to make your vacation truly unforgettable:

Find Your Own Paradise Spot on the Dominican Republic Beaches

So there you have it, the best secluded Dominican Republic beaches!

On your next vacation in this tropical paradise, leave the comforts of your resort and indulge in a real adventure. You will make all your friends jealous by the amazing photos and stories you’ll bring back home.

You deserve your own piece of paradise: your personal spot on one of the secluded Dominican Republic beaches. Go find it!

Which one is your favourite Dominican Republic beach? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

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  1. Can’t say I’ve been to any of these Dominican beaches, but I have been to Punta Cana. We stayed at the Melia, which had a private beach, and it was wonderful :)

    1. That sounds awesome :) I also enjoyed Bavaro beach, nothing against it, but there’s so much more thrill in visiting a secluded beach ;)

      Some of the Dominican republic beaches in the post are quite near to where you stayed, if you happen to be in the area again, I recommend renting a car or hiring a taxi and checking them, including Montana Redonda – the views are breathtaking!

      1. There are no private beaches in the R.D., your resort may tell you that, but it is not true.

        1. Hey drog,

          no one has told us anything about the Dominican Republic beaches being private, but thanks for the tip :)

          Cheers, N.

  2. I have spent some time on Playa Sosua and it was a fun time there, where the locals where having a blast on the beach. It was not private but a lots great sights and sounds. I was there on a Saturday and there was a lot of dancing and food/drinks were everywhere. So only go there if you want to hang out with the locals not tourists.

    1. That’s good to know, thanks for sharing this info :)

      I think there are so many Dominican Republic beaches, that there’s something for every taste. I personally just love being all alone at a secluded beach!

  3. Linda Belcher says:

    I keep reading about high crime rates in the D R and warnings about the Zika virus. My daughter and her son want us to go there with her. Are you familiar with any of these concerns?

    1. Hi Linda,

      there are indeed warnings about Zika virus infected mosquitos in the Dominican Republic. As with all tropical destinations, mosquitos are a problem. Most resorts in the Dominican Republic spray repellent in the evening to keep the mosquitos away from their guests. The usual precautions are advisable.

      As for crime, I think the news are exaggerating the proportions :) Dominicans are among the friendliest people I’ve met and the streets and beaches in the Dominican Republic are much safer than any big city in the Western world.

      Don’t worry too much, if it were really dangerous, there wouldn’t be millions of tourists streaming to visit this Caribbean gem each year!

      I think you’ll regret it more if you don’t go ;)

      Have fun on your trip!


  4. Playa Rincon have normal access road. You don’t need 4×4 car. We used small Kia piccianto without any issues. Make sure you check/ drive one and second end of this beach and explore Hiden, amazing white sands behind old, blue restaurant (right side of the Rincon beach, pass it and walk right between waves)

    1. Hey Rob, thanks for the info!

      It’s true that you can drive the DR roads in a normal sedan especially if you choose the full insurance when renting. It’s still much safer and easier to opt for a 4WD, though.

      I don’t remember a restaurant at the right side of Playa Rincon, but maybe that’s due to the fact that I visited it after a scrumptious lunch at the left end where Cano Frio flows into the ocean ;)

      Cheers and happy travels!

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