All You Need To Know About The Magnificent Table Mountain

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4 Responses

  1. Wohooo, this mountain is not only ancient but it is also stupendously gorgeous!

    You have been so lucky to experience this kind of weather!

    And it was not boring at all. You both promise and deliver! Thanks!

    • NTripping says:

      Thanks, Svet! Glad you liked the post :)

      We were not only lucky to have clear weather and go up with the cable car, but it was also the third clear day in a row, so the line was really short. We only waited for several minutes, which is a rare occurance.

      On the next day, it was windy in Cape Town, the table cloth had covered Table Mountain and the cable car was suspended! But there’s still plenty to do in the Mother City, so we had a fun day as well ;-)

      Wish you could visit South Africa some day! Happy travels :-)

      Cheers, N.

  1. March 2, 2023

    […] The Cango Caves at the foot of the Swartberg Mountain Range are the third most visited tourist attraction in South Africa (number one is the Kruger National Park and number two is the Table Mountain). […]

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