9 Best Cape Town Beaches You Should Visit Right Now

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Cape Town, South Africa is home to some of the most pristine and spectacular beaches in the world.

Locating the perfect beach to position your sun-thirsty bottom around Mother City is as easy as Sunday morning. You only need to know which of the Cape Town beaches will best match your idea of an unforgettable day.

Whether you want to go for a swim in the refreshing waters of the Atlantic Ocean, walk for hours while the waves wash your feet, or surf with the breeze gently stroking your hair, there is an awesome beach around Cape Town for every activity.

So without further ado, from North to South following the Atlantic Ocean’s coastline, these are the best Cape Town beaches for your great escapade!

1. Bloubergstrand: Ride The Untamed Waves

Bloubergstrand Cape Town
Bloubergstrand, Cape Town offers fine, white sand dunes you can wander and wild waves you can ride. Beware of the dangerous rip currents if you go in the Atlantic Ocean’s waters.

Located about 15 km away from the center of Cape Town, at the shores of Table Bay, Bloubergstrand Beach is a long and wide stretch of fine sand. The upscale neighborhood of the same name provides numerous shopping and dining options.

On a clear day, you can see the infamous Robben Island from Bloubergstrand.

The beach is a perfect spot for action lovers. Kiteboarders, surfers, and kayakers gather to test their skills at one of the most accessible Cape Town beaches.

Whether you indulged in the action yourself or simply watched the spectacle, once you get tired you can retreat to one of the cozy nearby restaurants. Devour some of the best South African food classics to end a perfect day.

2. Dolphin Beach: Wander The Endless Dunes

Table Mountain From Dolphin Beach
Table Mountain is visible everywhere in Cape Town, but the view from Dolphin Beach is one of the most beautiful sights.

Adjacent to Bloubergstrand, you’ll find the Dolphin Beach.

Actually, that’s not the official name of this Cape Town beach but rather what the nearby resort is called. Nevertheless, that’s how it is known among Capetonians and tourists.

You can spend hours walking along or climbing atop the fine sand dunes. Then, you can gather colorful pebbles and try to make a rock-balancing tower.

However, the best thing to do at Dolphin Beach is to admire the imposing sight of Table Mountain, Cape Town’s most distinguishable landmark.

3. Clifton Beach: Discover Luxury And Extravaganza

Lions Head And Camps Bay From Table Top
Lion’s Head, Cliffton Beach, and Camps Bay as seen from the Table Top.

The wealthiest suburb of Cape Town is located near the beach with the same name, Clifton Beach.

The beach consists of four parts, named Clifton I to IV, divided by rocks. On one side, you have the magnificent views of Signal Hill, Lion’s Head, and Table Mountain. The Twelve Apostles Mountain towers on the other side.

The exclusive residential area features the most expensive homes in South Africa. If you manage to glimpse at the sweeping views over the Atlantic Ocean from one of the front yards, you might understand why people pay millions to live here.

Hands down, the best view of the small bay is from the top of Table Mountain. If you visit the Table Top, you’ll also notice a little bit further South the next Cape Town beach on the list – Camps Bay.

4. Camps Bay: Satisfy Your Thirst For Fashion And Culture

Camps Bay Beach
The majestic Twelve Apostles Mountain is the backdrop of Camps Bay Beach.

Camps Bay’s real estate prices might be slightly lower than those in the Clifton Beach area, but the beach and the views of the Atlantic Ocean are just as exciting.

During the summer months, it is extremely difficult to rent accommodation in the area, despite the high prices. Wealthy South Africans, as well as numerous international visitors, love to spend their vacation with the view of the Atlantic Ocean from the front porch, and the majestic Twelve Apostles Mountain from their backyards.

You can spend your day on the white, fine sand of Camps Bay, swim in the natural rock pools, and enjoy the surrounding mountain peaks. Then, go mix with the fashionable crowd on the promenade, the nearby boutiques, posh restaurants, or cocktail bars. Complete your evening at the Theatre on the Bay where you can see a musical, a comedy, or a drama.

5. Hout Bay: Awe At The Spectacular Panorama

Hout Bay
The view of Hout Bay Beach from the viewpoint before the Chapman Pass is simply jaw-dropping.

Only about 20 km away from the business district of Cape Town, the small town of Hout Bay features one of the most unforgettable beaches you’ll ever see.

If you take the scenic road along the Atlantic Coast, you can’t miss the sight of the wide cove just before you reach Chapman’s Peak.

Even if you don’t have the time to dip your toes in the water and feel the fine sand caress your feet, awe at the spectacular view of Hout Bay from a distance. Before you continue driving through the Chapman Pass, visit the viewpoint for a jaw-dropping panorama of Hout Bay.

6. Noordhoek Beach: Marvel At A Stunning Sunset

Noordhoek Beach
Noordhoek Beach as seen from the road after driving through the scenic Chapman Pass.

Although Noordhoek Beach is amazing during the day, the highlight of a visit to this Cape Town beach is definitely watching the stunning sunset.

Still, before you see the last sun rays disperse over the horizon, enjoy the soft sand and the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean with the majestic views of the Table Mountain National Park.

The beach is perfect for pet owners, as it is dog-friendly. You can also meet horse riders trotting along the shore.

A peculiar sight is the wreckage of the beached ship Kakapo. Halfway along the Noordhoek Beach, you can clearly see the exposed ribs and engine block, buried in the sand.

Make sure to bring your own snacks and drinks, as there are no shops nearby.

7. Dias Beach: Escape The Crowds

Dias Beach
Dias Beach is not the highlight of a visit to the Cape Point National Park, but the most secluded of the Cape Town beaches is breathtakingly beautiful.

If you’re visiting Cape Town, South Africa, for more than a day, you will certainly make your way to the Cape of Good Hope. When climbing the stairs to the lighthouse, you’ll notice a small white sand beach tucked between the cliffs.

This is the stunning Dias Beach. It is by far the most secluded and the southernmost of the Cape Town beaches on this list. Keep in mind that it is situated inside the Cape Point National Park. If you’d like to keep its seclusion intact, follow the park’s rules and respect the surrounding nature.

8. Boulders Beach: Get Close To The Endangered African Penguins

African Penguins
The endangered African penguins and the black cormorants are the lucky inhabitants of Boulders Beach.

Boulders Beach near Simon’s Town is a protected area, inhabited by hundreds of African penguins. Its name comes from the granite boulders that shelter it.

The “most crowded” Cape Town beach hosts a large breeding colony of the endangered South African animals. Their loud cries perfectly explain why they are also known as donkey penguins.

Following an elevated path, you can reach the colony and observe the penguins up close. Keep in mind, that any contact or feeding of the flightless birds is prohibited.

You should include a visit to this protected beach even if you only have 3 days in Cape Town.

9. Muizenberg Beach: Experience The True Adoration Of Colour

Colourful Beach Huts - Muizenberg Beach
The colorful beach huts of Muizenberg Beach are an image that will nestle in your mind forever. (Image credit: WikiCommons)

Muizenberg Beach is the furthest of the Cape Town beaches on this list. Located at the shore of Cape Peninsula at the spot where it curves around False Bay, the beach is famous for its colorful beach huts and the action sports you can indulge in here.

Whether you decide to ride the waves sitting in a kayak or standing on a surf, with or without the help of the wind, an action-filled day is guaranteed at Muizenberg Beach.

Moreover, for anyone not willing to use his/her muscles too much, walking on the beach with the vibrant colors of the huts as your background will surely paint a picture that will nestle in your mind forever.

Indulge In Your Favorite Activities At The Spectacular Cape Town Beaches

Cape Town Beaches Header

Very few big cities in the world are blessed with such an abundance of beaches in their proximity.

Cape Town’s location on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast offers an incredible diversity of beaches and activities for you to enjoy.

The swimming conditions are usually limited to very few days throughout the year, except for hard-core lovers of the cold ocean waters. Action sports – such as surfing, kayaking, and kite surfing – can be enjoyed during most seasons.

Beach walks and dune explorations are suitable for almost any weather condition and fitness level. And don’t forget to bring a convenient beach umbrella to protect you from the sun and the wind alike.

Simply pick one – or more – of these marvelous Cape Town beaches and decide what type of action you want to spend your day doing!

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Now, tell me – what is your favorite beach activity? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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