Destinations: Visited Counties Find Out Where I've Been And The Stories I've Shared

Destinations Map

I’ve never believed in bucket lists.

Or gathering stamps in your passport only to show off in front of friends and travellers.

For me, it’s the number of experiences and breath-taking moments that count the most.

However, a few people have asked me for a list of places I’ve visited.

Below are the destinations I’ve travelled to – either for a day, a week, a month, or where I’ve lived for several years.

Check them out and remember, that it is far more rewarding to gather memories than things – even if those things are stamps in your passport ;-)


Eiffel Tower
  • Great Britain | Greece | Hungary
  • North Macedonia | The Netherlands | Portugal
  • Romania | Serbia | Slovakia
Pamir Highway Near Karakul


North America

  • Mexico | Nicaragua | Panama | USA
Morocco - Goats On Argan Trees


Do you have questions about the places on this list?

Let me know in the comments!

For some reason or another, I still haven’t written about some of the destinations, so the easiest way to hear from me about them is to leave me a comment.

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