5 Reasons Why Belgium Is Not Boring At All

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  1. Els says:

    Great to see you like Belgium that much! It’s a fantastic place indeed! Love the fact that the Belgian bought you the beers to welcome you! :-)

  2. Sabine says:

    Great to read that someone thinks Belgium is not boring at all :) I’m from Belgium and even though I travel a lot I always love to come back to Belgium. There is so much going on. I think we are just very bad in promoting ourselves compared to our neighbouring countries and that’s why people think it must be boring :D

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Sabine, I don’t know who started this ridiculous rumor! Belgium is anything but boring, and anyone who’s been there knows it, I think :)
      Cheers and happy travels!

  3. Birthe says:

    Glad you like Belgium so much, Naddya! We love it too, especially the beers. ;) Oh, and don’t forget about the Belgian fries, unlike any other country serves fries! We haven’t explored it enough though, being our home country, but we still have plenty of time for that. The world is just so big!

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Birthe,

      you Belgians are really cool, no wonder Belgium is so wonderful :)

      You’re right about the Belgian fries but the chocolate comes always first ;) Seriously, there are so many scrumptious foods to try in Belgium, I have to make a separate post just about Belgian food!


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