8 Camino de Santiago Routes: How To Choose The Best For You

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  1. Alex Howell says:

    I can’t imagine how good it must feel to travel alone through the Spanish plain, it must even transport you to the past, an excellent guide for everyone!

  2. teodorico capuyan says:

    am interested in the camino portugues way, but needs a shorter distance than can be covered in a week walking. kindly give me some more details, like places to stay for the night (pre-booked? how), our baggages since we will be travelling fm far away Philippines, can we have it brought to the hotel ahead of us, so that we will just walk with a few kilos on our back? what is the nearest international airport at the end of the pilgrimage where we can fly out to Asia? many more later, planning to do this by 2022 yet thank you very much.

    • NTripping says:

      Hi Teodorico,

      if you want to walk Camino Portuguese in one week, you need to start north of Porto somewhere close to the border between Portugal & Spain. Check the Camino Tool App for the best route.

      For booking accommodations, you can use Booking.com or your favourite booking app.

      At the end of your pilgrimage, you probably want to go to Madrid for the best flight options. There are direct express trains from Santiago to Madrid, which will take you to the Spanish capital in about 4:30 hours.

      If you need a customized travel itinerary, you can check this service.


  3. Lauren says:

    Interested in trying to determine the best route for myself. Have never done this before, am a relatively fit 70 year old.

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Lauren,

      I’d recommend the Portuguese Way as it’s not steep at all.

      You can either start it in Porto or in Lisbon. From Porto, you’ll need about two weeks to walk it. From Lisbon, you’ll require approximately four weeks.

      Hope this helps!

      Buen Camino!


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