Cheap Accommodation: The Best 90+ Travel Resources

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  1. Vladislava Genova says:

    Great article – different approaches for the different preferences.

  2. DenitsaS says:

    I’ve found the article very helpful, especially the part with the Volunteering website. Have you tried this yourself?

    • NTripping says:

      Hi Denitsa, glad you liked the post!

      To be honest, I haven’t tried volunteering due to various reasons. I’ve included the resources listed in the post based on the experience of other travel bloggers, whose opinion I trust. I hope this helps and if you need more information (for example blog posts on the topic of volunteering), don’t hesitate to contact me.


  3. Hello, Naddya!

    What an amazing article this is! I did not know so many great opportunities exist. I will definitely bookmark your page and visit it again! I also might want to try some volunteering projects!

    Danke schoen!

  4. Sianna says:

    Such a huge list of resources!Thank you for sharing it with us. It is great that you’ve put so much time in compiling it and also organised it for easier reading with the drop down categories. Will be also sharing it on twitter so it can reach more people!

  5. Bistra says:

    Hi Naddya,
    Thank you for the thorough list!
    Great resource for all of us searching for cheap accommodation! One thing to add – we could always use a combined approach – and check if a place we like is on more than one source. I had this case with an appartment in Milano – the owner had put it on couchsurfing for free and on airbnb for a fee.
    Thanks again for those many options you provide to travellers!

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