Bulgarian Food: The Ultimate Guide (Plus the 10 Best Dishes)

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29 Responses

  1. Naddya, this article is pure awesomeness!

    Congratulations. I will definitely share it often. I just did with a couple of friends.

    You are right – there is no way to be comprehensive about a certain cuisine, but this is close to perfect :)

  2. Naddya, Thank you for the detailed article!
    Now I can explain Bulgarian cuisine to foreigners with just one link!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. uszo says:

    Thanks for the detailed info
    Will be in Bulgaria next week, looking forward to it. (and the food)

  4. Chris Totten says:

    As an expat now living in BG, only one minor “quibble” with your excellent overview…On one of my first visits to Bulgaria, I was the honored guest at dinner one night. It transpired exactly as you said. Food for dozens, though there were just eight of us around the table. The food was homemade, delicious and plentiful. And every time I emptied my plate the hostess insisted on filling it again. I finally had to leave food on the plate–I had no choice. It was the only way I could get the hostess to stop serving me food.

    I’ve lived here a couple years now and find the food generally excellent and a tremendous value for travelers from North America or Western Europe. It’s really hard to go wrong here. And to have the opportunity to enjoy home cooking is about as good as it gets.

    Thanks again for this great overview!

  5. Boris says:

    Excellent article. I agree with almost everything except for this part: “Drinking tab water in the capital city of Sofia is not advised”. The tab water in Sofia is excellent and completely safe for drinking. Not only that but most of the city is supplied with water directly from the Rila water pipe which makes the water cold, clean and delicious.

  6. foe says:

    “the eggs are broken over boiling water” = poached eggs ;)

  7. Maheima says:

    Hey Naddya,

    Great stuff here! Very, very informative guide. Hope to visit Bulgaria one day and I’ll refer to this then!

  8. Linda Dorman says:

    Excellent guide! As a chef and culinary travel professional, I love reading about local cuisines to learn more about the dishes, spices, ingredients and methods of preparation that make them special.

    • NTripping says:

      Thanks, Linda, glad you liked the guide :) Bulgarian food is totally worth a try and even a visit to try the dishes at the source!
      Happy travels :)

  9. Miroslav Iliev says:

    Hi i would like to answer your question , about why sometimes we drink beer after all that food and drinking several glasses of rakia. First of all its much easier to switch from hard alcohol to soft one. Its harder to get wasted drinking rakia and having a beer or two after, now if you start with beer and then switch to rakia you are game over my friend.You may act sober, but you are not. When you drink Beer after eating and drinking rakia it is used mostly as a relaxing your stomach from all that eating. Most friends i talked with about this they say it feels like a cold drink in a hot summer day, just refreshing. Also it helps a lot at least for me with digestion. Also let you know that no matter what is your poison if you over use it, you will get wasted even if you drink beer or wine.So drink in moderation and know your limit. Perfect guide by the way liked it very much.

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Miroslav,

      thanks for the comment. I don’t agree with everything you said about alcohol, but one thing you mention is for sure indisputable – excessive drinks are what’s dangerous for you :)

      Glad you liked the post!


  10. Merry Jo Binkley says:

    Oh my…. I really need to come to Bulgaria and eat my way through this interesting country. Let’s say you have more than wet my appetite! I must eat my way through the ten must do’s.

  11. jojo vito says:

    I can smell the aroma of those grilled food from your photographs. I would want to try them all hahah.

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