Sofia, Bulgaria: Where 7,000+ Years Blend In A Vibrant Fusion

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  1. This is definitely the best guide on Sofia out there in the internet galaxy. I am sure Google had an orgasm when you published it!

    I pinned and will definitely come back again to read more!

  2. Juliana says:

    Great post! We almost rented an apartment in Sofia for a month back in 2013 but chose Istanbul instead. Your post has brought back all the memories of why we almost went there – mostly the mountain views from the city! Hope to get there soon, though.

  1. 5. June 2017

    […] of the times I visited one of the largest East Orthodox cathedrals in the world (yes, it’s in Sofia, Bulgaria!), I was showing the tourist attractions of the city to my husband, who’s German. You get my […]

  2. 21. June 2017

    […] the end of the hot summer, the capital city of Bulgaria – Sofia, starts to get noisier and more crowded as people return from their summer holidays. The cultural […]

  3. 6. September 2017

    […] 2 hours away from the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and 1.5 hours away from Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv, Velingrad is a favourite spa […]

  4. 8. September 2017

    […] the number and variety of sights to visit in the centre of Sofia, Bulgaria is […]

  5. 12. October 2017

    […] 2003, my brother and I graduated our Bachelor degrees in our hometown Sofia, Bulgaria. But without work experience, we couldn’t find jobs, which would support us. Instead of working […]

  6. 20. October 2017

    […]  Sofia Ballet experience can be one of the most unexpected and certainly pleasant ways to discover the capital of Bulgaria. […]

  7. 26. October 2017

    […] with a bunch of boring numbers and facts here, I’m inviting you to a special event this autumn in Sofia, Bulgaria to discover the beautiful […]

  8. 14. December 2017

    […] the capital city Sofia to the smallest town Melnik, and from the Black Sea coast to the SPA Capital of the Balkans […]

  9. 3. January 2018

    […] If you’ve ever read at least one “Where to travel to next year?”-type of article, you must be already convinced to visit Bulgaria and start your unforgettable journey in the capital city Sofia! […]

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