10 Life-changing Challenges In The Pamir Mountains

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  1. This post is epic in so many forms. But the photos… Wow, I can write essays for each of them. Thank you for narrating us a story about this truly mesmerising region of Earth!

    • NTripping says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Svet!

      In fact, my photos can merely show the magnificence of the Pamir Mountains! But I’ve tried my best to reveal in simple words the feelings and emotions going through my head while travelling this remote, wild, fantastic part of the world :)


  2. David Hooper says:

    What a privilege to have travelled these roads with you Naddya. What a privilege to have read your beautiful heartfelt words and viewed too few of your magnificent photos. What a privilege to have received unconditional hospitality from the people of the Pamir. The trip still affects me. My own perspectives are set out in my own blogs that are continuing and on the whole are of exhilaration and dancing as we rode along. I fear however, I am not as kind as you to those who did not travel with the unconditional spirit of adventure but preferred to complain and manipulate favours at every opportunity. But you Naddya are one of the Kool Kids…and your spirit soared in the Pamir and was magnificent at every turn. Inspirational, measured blog. Well done.

    • NTripping says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Dave! It is a privilege to be part of the Cool Kids :)

      As for the others – you get what you give at the end.

      Happy travels and looking forward to reading your next post!

  3. Dave Binkley says:

    A wonderfully, well-written account of your travels Naddya. As the Dancing One has previously stated, it was a privilege to read this journal. Your perspective was refreshing and I hung on every word, even though I was a witness to the events. You were extremely kind to those who journeyed with us who simply did not possess the proper respect for the people and the environs. Many thanks and I look forward to our paths crossing again.

    • NTripping says:

      Thanks for this, Dave!

      It was great being part of the Kool Kids :)

      I hope, too, that we’ll travel and explore new destinations together again!


  1. 14. December 2017

    […] Pamir mountains are as uninviting as a desert could be. Only the bravest can adapt to the lack of any modern […]

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