6 Travel Souvenir Ideas: The Best Things to Buy on Vacation

We all like bringing souvenirs back home from our travels to remind us of the places we visit.

But in today’s easy access to the world, one thing that’s changed for the worse is authenticity. When was the last time you saw something unique and interesting in a souvenir shop that you couldn’t buy in the souvenir shops in other places you’ve visited?

From t-shirts to wooden figures, from ceramics to refrigerator magnets, you can find the same souvenirs in every corner of the world. The only difference is the name of the place you buy the souvenirs.

These kind of memorabilia end collecting dust in some corner of your home or in the basement.

After making all possible mistakes in choosing travel souvenirs, I’ve learned my lesson and I’ve gathered my best souvenir ideas. Here, I’m sharing them with you.

Let’s dig in!

The Best Travel Souvenir Ideas Which Will Bring You Jealous Looks

6 Souvenir Ideas
Some of the best things to buy on vacation are spices and drinks

So what makes a souvenir great? The best souvenir ideas aren’t going to end up collecting dust, long forgotten and never to be shown or used.

You have to ask yourself first, what is the purpose of buying a souvenir in the first place.

  • Is it to help you remember your trip?
  • Are you trying to make your vacation vibe last longer?
  • Do you want to show off and make your friends jealous of the places you’ve been to?
  • Are you buying it for someone else to let them know you thought of them while traveling?

Here are 6 travel souvenir ideas that check all the right boxes. These are categories which you can use as inspiration for the best things to buy on vacation. They’ll make your friends jealous, they’re useful, and they’re fun to bring back home.

1. Local Spices and Foods from Your Vacation Destination

If you bring something edible from your vacation, your travel experience will be prolonged beyond the time you spent in an incredible resort (exploring secluded Dominican Republic beaches, maybe?).

The vacation souvenir ideas in this category are endless:

  • Pack a few unripe mangoes or pineapples and eat them within a few days of your return.
  • Buy a pack of coffee or tea and enjoy a hot drink each morning in the upcoming weeks.
  • Get a pack of snacks, nuts, or dry fruits to munch in front of the TV in the evenings.
  • Bring back some typical spices and mix them in your kitchen for the next month or so.
  • Learn a new dish and use the recipe to impress your friends the next time they visit you.
  • Get a bottle of the local (alcoholic) beverage and mix your friends or family with a new drink.

Make sure you buy these vacation souvenirs from a supermarket or a vendor, not a souvenir or tourist-oriented shop.

There’s no way something like this will end up in your basement, right? It won’t even take up space on your shelves because it will be (sadly) gone.

2. A New Outfit and a New Piece of Jewelry for a Unique Look

I’m not talking about the souvenir shops’ t-shirts, hoodies, or caps with “I HEART [input name of touristy place here]”. I’m talking about genuine typical clothes from the place you have visited.

For example:

  • A cool woolen cardigan from Portugal or Ireland.
  • T-shirts from a local brand that is not widely popular in your state.
  • A new pair of shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.
  • Even a sexy negligee!
  • A piece of hand-made jewelry. Mallorca is famous for its pearls while the Dominican Republic is for the rare larimar.

You get the picture.

Make sure you buy something that you’ll actually wear back home and not just hang in your wardrobe. A sombrero or a poncho might seem fun and a good souvenir idea at the time, but when exactly are you going to wear them?

Try to find a little boutique or a shop with local brands. Don’t just go to the next souvenir shop by the beach. Chances are, everyone back home will ask where you got your new piece of clothing or jewelry.

3. Ceramics and Everyday Use Items to Enjoy Around the House

Christmas Decorations Souvenirs
Christmas decorations are some of the best souvenirs to buy on vacation

I’ll admit, coffee mugs or ceramic pots are some of the most touristic souvenirs possible. But if you’re actually going to use them for your morning coffee or to serve snacks to your friends during the next party, why not?

There are a few things you should consider about these souvenir ideas:

  • Make sure they are authentic and not “made in China” with only the label being printed somewhere nearby.
  • Check that the quality matches the price. These are some of the favorite tourist souvenirs and prices are usually based on the location of the shop and the number of tourists passing by.
  • Visit a few shops and compare prices before deciding what to buy. It’s best to purchase from a store where locals shop, for example, a large supermarket. Sometimes factories are a good option, other times they’re the biggest tourist traps. Don’t pay more than you might pay back home.
  • Are you really going to use that glass, cup, dish, or pot? Or are the colors of the decoration hypnotizing you? Is the seller too pushy? If you’re unsure, just walk away. If you still want to buy it the next day, just come back. The store won’t run out of stock overnight.

I once bought a wine bottle stopper. Although it’s not the prettiest souvenir or a high-quality one, it serves its purpose and the memories it brings are invaluable.

Another time I brought a hammock back home! That is something everyone who knows me is really jealous of. Of course, I had to carefully consider if it would fit on the balcony before purchasing it. My point is, don’t be too spontaneous with a souvenir idea like this and consider whether it’ll fit in your home.

4. Authentic Local Artwork to Decorate Your Home

South African Picture On The Wall
A beautiful African scene, bought in Knysna, South Africa from an incredible local artist

Looking at the same artwork on your walls day after day will make you ignore it after a while. It’ll stop serving its purpose. Why not consider adding something new or changing the old?

Here are a few travel souvenir ideas in this category for you:

  • Buy a poster or a picture. Make sure you can transport it properly. You don’t want the disappointment of it being ruined when you unpack your luggage.
  • Take lots of photos. Sort them well, choose the ones which make you most proud of or bring back the nicest memories. Printing them will only cost you a few cents, but the memories they’ll evoke each day from your walls are priceless.
  • Send yourself a postcard. Time it to arrive after you’ve come back from your vacation and it will feel like time travel. You can then pin the postcard somewhere around your home.
  • Bring only a picture frame. Sometimes a beautifully ornamented frame is as much fun to look at as the image it displays.
  • A mask you can hang over your couch is always something unusual and interesting to show to your friends. No matter if it’s a papier-mâché mask from Venice, a wooden carving from an African village, or a Mexican lucha libre wrestler mask, they’re all eye-catchers.

Before adding one of these vacation souvenirs to your shopping list, consider whether it’ll match the rest of the decor in your home. You don’t want the new item to stick out like a sore thumb and not go with your style.

5. Vacation Souvenirs and Gadgets to Use on Your Next Trip

One of the best things to buy on vacation is something you’ll need during a trip. It could be the current one or one in the future.

I know the feeling of searching back home for a swimming suit in winter or a ski mask in the middle of the hottest summer days… It’s much easier to find what you need for a vacation once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Here are a few tips for this category of souvenir ideas:

  • A new pair of sunglasses, a new bathing suit, swimming goggles, a ski mask, a beach towel, or a sarong: these are products, that are seasonally available back home, but you can always find them at vacation destinations.
  • A gadget or a tool you always forget to pack or buy back home. This could be anything: a pocket knife, a travel pillow, an adaptor, or a small flashlight.
  • Toiletries to either use at home or during your next vacation. In many countries, local cosmetics are much more affordable than back home. For example, aloe is widely used in many creams and lotions and you can find a large number of products on the Canary Islands, one of the biggest aloe growers.
  • A good book is very useful not only next time you travel but also at home. You can pick a book about your destination, its people and history, or a fiction novel. While you’re reading it and each time you look at it on the shelf, you’ll remember your vacation.

6. Priceless Things to Gather on Your Vacation

Table Mountain From Dolphin Beach
Gathering pebbles from a beach in South Africa is one of my best souvenir tips

Souvenirs are just a way to make us remember our travels. The sentimental value they have often exceeds their practical use or their actual price.

Sometimes it’s best not to buy anything but just to pick up something small from a place you enjoyed:

  • a little stone from the Sahara desert;
  • a few seashells from a Caribbean beach;
  • a maple leaf from Canada;
  • a small container of sand from a tropical island;
  • several coins or banknotes from the local currency.

Even a matchbox from that place where you had the most delicious cocktail ever is an excellent souvenir idea. Make sure you’re not destroying the environment or collecting forbidden items.

For example, gathering corals is dangerous and forbidden. You’ll get into a lot of trouble for picking them off the beach.

Beware of Souvenir Ideas Which Will Bring You into Trouble

Whatever you decide to take with you, don’t forget some items are actually forbidden to export or their amounts are strictly regulated. Make sure you check each country’s rules so you don’t end up in trouble.

Here are a few warnings:

  • Live or stuffed animals are not a good idea to pack, including corals (yes, they’re animals).
  • No hallucinogens. Only because it’s legal to smoke weed in your vacation destination, doesn’t mean you can take some home.
  • Weapons are illegal to take on a plane, even in your checked-in luggage. Even some knives will get you into a lot of trouble with the customs officers. Check the regulations at both your vacation and your home customs.
  • Alcohol, cigars, and cigarettes are limited in amount.
  • Meat, fish, eggs, and milk products are often not allowed to import. They will not only be confiscated if found but you’ll also be fined.
  • Forged and fake items can get you into trouble with customs officers. You already knew that Gucci bag or that bargain Rolex watch were fake and the quality sucks, is it really worth the risk?

What Are Your Best Travel Souvenirs Ideas?

We all love remembering our trips and vacations.

But sometimes the photos we shoot don’t seem like enough memorabilia. We need to bring back home something we can hold, easily show off, and put on display.

Don’t be that person, who buys the same crap everyone else buys, though.

A wooden penis-shaped figure might seem funny and like an excellent souvenir idea to bring back home after a few drinks, but are you really going to impress anyone with it? Or are you more likely going to embarrass yourself by putting it on display?

Better buy typical, authentic products, which help local producers and bring money into the country’s economy rather than supporting cheap labor in Asian sweat-shops.

Be a responsible consumer. This will make you stand out from the rest of the tourists, who don’t even remember the name of the last place they visited. This is more likely to make everyone around you jealous.

Now’s your turn:

What are the best things to buy on vacation? And which souvenir ideas did you like the most?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Thanks for these ideas. My uncle likes tobacco. I think I’ll just look up some tobacco for his souvenir from my business trip.

    1. Hi Kayla, not that I approve smoking, but if that’s what your uncle likes – make the man happy and bring him some tobacco as souvenir from your trip :)

      Cheers, N.

  2. Kit Hannigan says:

    I like what you said about looking for artwork or pictures as souvenirs from your last trip that you can easily hang on your wall. My dad is looking to travel to Egypt with my mom to celebrate their anniversary. I think getting a piece of souvenir that can double as decor to give to their friends and family would be a nice gesture for them to do.

    1. Hey Kit, totally agree with you. A picture from Egypt would make for a lovely travel souvenir. I wish your parents a great anniversary celebration in Egypt! :)

  3. jojo vito says:

    I love souvenirs buying whenever I travel. Lately I’d been buying some artworks that I could see that are worth buying. I also buy foods too :)

  4. Alice Carroll says:

    You made good point that magnets seem like a universal souvenir idea. My best friend’s favorite animal is the kangaroo and it’s one of our dreams to one day visit Australia. Perhaps it would be great if we had matching kangaroo magnets as keepsakes.

    1. Good idea, Alice! Hope they help you remember your trip every time you open the fridge :)

  5. I would want to bring home something that my family could taste, like a delicacy…and yes some condiments maybe that is not available in our locality.

    1. Excellent idea, Jho! That’s one of the first things I pack when I’m headed back home from my travels.

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