11 Best Hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria: Where to Stay in Sofia

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Wondering where to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria?

I have you covered!

As a born and raised in the capital of Bulgaria, I know all the secrets and best spots for your perfect trip to the city.

I’ve visited every corner and every accommodation worth staying at.

And I’ve come up with a short but sweet list of the 11 best hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria.

From funky boutique lodgings to posh hotel chains, and from cozy mountain huts to sweeping panoramas, here’s everything you need to know about the best places to stay in Sofia.

Ready to find your perfect accommodation?

Let’s dive right in!

Short on time? Check out my top recommendation for where to stay in Sofia:

Sense Hotel Sofia

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The Best 3 Areas to Stay in Sofia, Bulgaria

Alexander Nevski Cathedral
Stay in Sofia’s City Center to be close to most major landmarks of the capital

Before selecting your perfect hotel, let me tell you about the best areas to stay in Sofia.

Sofia City Center: Stay in the Heart of the Bulgarian Capital

The city center of Sofia is the best place to stay when visiting the Bulgarian capital. If you want to go sightseeing, party, or even attend an opera, stay in Sofia’s City Center.

The best things to do in Sofia are concentrated in the city center. It’s quite walkable and the distances between attractions won’t tire you too much.

You’ll find anything from budget-friendly hostels through posh boutique hotels to world-famous hotel chains in the heart of the Bulgarian capital.

Lozenets, Sofia: Enjoy Tranquility near the Main Landmarks

The neighborhood of Lozenets is adjacent to the city center of Sofia.

It’s easily reachable by public transport. You can reach most attractions in the city within a few minutes by metro. The area is also situated between two of the largest parks in Sofia, Borisova Gradina and South Park.

All these make Lozenets an excellent place to stay in Sofia when you visit the Bulgarian capital.

Vitosha Mountain: Retreat in Nature and Recharge Your Batteries

Vitosha Mountain Hut
Vitosha Mountain offers budget-friendly cozy huts but also great hotels

Vitosha Mountain is a natural park on the outskirts of Bulgaria’s capital. Visiting it is one of the best day trips from Sofia. But if you want to get away from the noise of the city for longer, I suggest you book your hotel in Vitosha.

You’ll find mostly cozy mountain huts but budget-friendly little hotels are also available. Especially in summer, this is the best area to stay in Sofia to avoid the (sometimes unbearable) summer heat.

11 Best Hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2024

Now that you know the best areas to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria, let’s go into more detail.

Below, you’ll find my hand-picked list of the 11 best hotels in Sofia. Let’s discover!

1. Sense Hotel Sofia: The Best Panorama of the City Center

Sense Hotel Sofia
Sense Hotel is my top recommendation for accommodation in Sofia

My top recommendation for a place to stay in Sofia is the luxurious but affordable Sense Hotel Sofia.

Located in the absolute center of the Bulgarian capital, just steps from the Parliament Building and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, this oasis of luxury will spoil you with beautifully decorated rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and a spa and wellness center.

In the onsite restaurant, you can enjoy some of the best culinary creations in the Bulgarian capital.

And if that’s not enough to make you book your room at Sense Hotel, let me tell you about the best rooftop bar in Sofia. You can order some of the tastiest cocktails and best Bulgarian wines, then sip them while enjoying the best panorama of Sofia’s main landmarks from the window!

2. InterContinental Sofia: Luxury in the Heart of the Capital

InterContinental Hotel Sofia
InterContinental Hotel Sofia sits in the heart of the Bulgarian capital

The top-notch InterContinental is one of the best hotels in Sofia for its unbeatable location. You’ll find it right across from the Parliament Building and behind the iconic Monument of Tsar Liberator.

As we joke in Sofia, the hotel is “under the horse’s tail” ;)

But seriously, from there, you can walk to most of the attractions of the city. You’ll be also super close to a lot of the best restaurants, cocktail bars, and nightclubs. And of course, you’ll have at your disposal the hotel’s own restaurant and bar. I have to warn you, though, that prices there are higher than average for Sofia.

However, the spacious rooms are at very affordable rates given the 5* luxury that awaits you.

✔️ Peculiar Fact: Many years ago, this hotel was called Grand Hotel Sofia and had one of the best and biggest restaurants in the city. That’s where my high school had its prom ball. Aw, the memories!

3. Hotel COOP, Sofia: Elegance and Top Service in a Great Location

Another centrally located gem is the four-star Hotel COOP, Sofia.

Although it’s not as close to Alexander Nevsky and the Parliament Building as the previous two Sofia hotels, it’s still within walking distance from them and other major landmarks.

Hotel COOP, Sofia has one of the prettiest and coziest lobbies I’ve seen during my travels. Its elegant, bright design invites you to a relaxing drink after a day of exploration.

The modern, spacious rooms provide all you need for a good rest between adventures. And the nearby streets are dotted with great restaurants where you can try scrumptious Bulgarian food and international dishes.

4. Grand Hotel Sofia: A Modern Gem Next to the National Theater

National Theatre Ivan Vazov
Grand Hotel Sofia is steps away from the gorgeous building of the National Theater Ivan Vazov

Grand Hotel Sofia is located steps away from the gorgeous building of the National Theater Ivan Vazov. The modern establishment will charm you with its chic design and great amenities.

The hotel prides itself on a unique collection of 400 oil paintings. It also features a gourmet restaurant serving Bulgarian and international dishes and a café with an open-air terrace.

If you decide to stay at Grand Hotel Sofia, you’ll be close to some of the best restaurants and bars in the capital. You’ll also have top shopping and sightseeing options feet away from your accommodation.

My personal advice is to spend a few hours in the evening in the City Garden just outside Grand Hotel Sofia. Watch the elegant theater-goers, the serious chess players, and the flirtatious young people of Sofia.

5. Hyatt Regency Sofia: Posh Decors Near Iconic Landmarks

Vasil Levski Monument Sofia
You’ll find Hyatt Regency Sofia next to the iconic Vasil Levski Monument

You’ll find Hyatt Regency Sofia at one of the most iconic squares in Sofia, hosting the Vasil Levski Monument. That’s the location where Bulgaria’s national hero was hung by the Ottoman invaders in 1876. The spot used to be outside of Sofia’s borders, in an empty field.

But enough about history! Nowadays, Vasil Levski Monument is in the heart of the Bulgarian capital. From there, you can visit several stunning landmarks within a couple of minutes of walking.

What makes Hyatt Regency one of the best hotels in Sofia are the incredible rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows and the fantastic spa facilities. Take advantage of the hydrotherapy pool, the steam room, the salt therapy room, and the saunas in the hotel’s wellness center.

The highlight of the culinary offers is the rooftop bar with sweeping views of Sofia’s center.

✔️ Peculiar Fact: At the same location where Hyatt Regency Sofia is now, there was a cinema when I was growing up. I’ve watched many blockbusters inside, including Djumanji and Fight Club.

6. Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel: Located in the Most Famous Pedestrian Street

Vitosha Boulevard
You’ll find Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel in the pedestrian section of Vitosha Boulevard

If you want to stay at the most famous pedestrian street in Sofia, Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel is your best choice.

Vitosha Boulevard is buzzing with restaurants, bars, shops, and street performers at all times of the day and night. If you’re looking for non-stop entertainment, this is the place to be.

But the gorgeous boutique hotel attracts not only with its top location. Its unique architectural design will leave you in awe. Inspired by nature, the extraordinary floral decor is the work of the famous Italian architect Francesco Lucchese.

7. Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel: Funky Decor and Modern Art

Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel sits on one of the most charming streets in Sofia.

Shipka Street is around the corner from Sofia University, the National Library, and many iconic restaurants and nightclubs of Sofia. It’s also steps away from most of the main landmarks of Bulgaria’s capital.

The stylish boutique hotel will charm you with its modern designs and top-notch wellness center. The onsite gourmet restaurant will seduce your palate with its Mediterranean creations and excellent wine list. If the weather permits, sit in the garden and enjoy your meal surrounded by nature.

8. Central Point Boutique Hotel: Chic Design and Affordable Prices

Crystal Garden Sofia
Central Point Boutique Hotel is right next to Crystal Garden, Sofia

Central Point Boutique Hotel is the most budget-friendly establishment on this list.

One of the top Sofia hotels is located next to an iconic little park. Explore Crystal Garden before heading to the Russian Church and the other nearby attractions of the Bulgarian capital.

The centrally-located chic establishment is also surrounded by excellent restaurants and bars inviting for a night out.

The elegant rooms provide everything for a good night’s rest. The spa and wellness center will make sure your stress melts away. But the best part about Central Point Boutique Hotel is that you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay in Sofia without breaking the bank.

9. Best Western Premier Hotel – Sofia Airport: Best for Layovers

If you only have a few hours of layover in Sofia or in case you’re traveling with lots of luggage and want to drop it off quickly, I recommend booking the Best Western Premier Hotel – Sofia Airport.

The convenient location minutes away from the international airport ensures you won’t miss your flight. And the small size of the Bulgarian capital allows you to quickly reach the city center and explore Sofia’s landmarks.

Although the modern four-star hotel caters mostly to business travelers, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it on your city getaway as well. Next to the comfortable, spacious rooms, one of the best hotels in Sofia will seduce you with its futuristic room service by a robot.

The establishment also offers several options for breakfast. The early grab-and-go and the buffet breakfast will power you up for the day ahead.

The complimentary airport shuttle of the Best Western Premier Hotel will ensure you reach your next destination on time.

10. All Seasons Residence Hotel: Located Next to a UNESCO Site

Boyana Church Sofia
All Seasons Residence Hotel is just steps away from Boyana Church

You’ll find the All Seasons Residence Hotel at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, right next to the Boyana Church. One of the coolest facts about Sofia is that the Medieval temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The National History Museum is also just minutes away from All Seasons Residence Hotel. My advice is to buy a combo ticket for the museum and Boyana Church.

The elegant five-star hotel provides a tranquil retreat from the city noise. The clean mountain air will help you relax after a day of exploration.

And if you bring your hiking shoes, you can hit the trail to Boyana Waterfall. The 2-hour uphill hike is strenuous but the view of the tallest waterfall in Vitosha Mountain is worth the sweat.

Although the neighborhood of Boyana is mostly residential, you’ll find several good restaurants nearby. My favorite one is Starata Krusha (The Old Pear). Sit in its lovely garden and enjoy a great meal from the grill accompanied by a cold beer.

11. Hotel and SPA Moreni: Tranquility Amid a National Park

Sofia Panorama from Vitosha Mountain
Vitosha Mountain offers an unparalleled retreat in nature just outside Sofia

Hotel and Spa Moreni is the best hotel in Sofia for a retreat in Vitosha Mountain.

The elegant hotel features cozy designs resembling a mountain hut. The excellent spa and wellness center will make sure you relax in the best way possible during your stay in one of the best Sofia hotels.

At the hotel’s doorstep, you’ll find hiking trails and ski slopes. So, if you come in winter, bring your ski equipment and if you visit Bulgaria in any other season, pack your hiking shoes.

I’ve spent most Sundays growing up in Sofia traversing the paths and climbing the peaks in the area. If you decide to head there, shoot me a message and I’ll share my best tips with you.

✔️ Insider Tip: My country boasts more mineral waters than any other in continental Europe. Check the best spa towns in Bulgaria and the best spa hotels in Bulgaria for more wellness retreats.

FAQs About Where to Stay in Sofia, Bulgaria

Best Hotels in Sofia Bulgaria Where to Stay in Sofia Header
Still have questions about the best hotels in Sofia? I have the answers below!

What are the best hotels in Sofia’s city center?

The best hotels in the center of Sofia are Sense Hotel and InterContinental. If these 5-star establishments are out of your budget, I recommend the more budget-friendly but still exceptional 4-star Hotel COOP, Sofia.

What are the best hotels in Sofia near the airport?

Best Western Premier Hotel – Sofia Airport is the best establishment to stay near Sofia Airport. It’s great if you have a layover or if you’re traveling with lots of luggage.

In any other case, I can’t recommend staying near the international airport in Sofia. The area is not very attractive. Plus, you can quickly reach the city center by metro, bus, or taxi. Just make sure to purchase a ticket before getting on the bus or metro.

What are the best boutique hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria?

The boutique hotels in Sofia that I recommend are Les Fleurs Boutique Hotel and Crystal Palace Boutique Hotel. Both are centrally located and will charm you with their funky decors.

Which area is best to stay in Sofia?

The best part of Sofia to stay in is the city center. This way, you’ll be close to most of the major attractions of the Bulgarian capital, as well as the best parks, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

If you want to stay in a more residential and relaxed area but still close to the center, opt for accommodation in Lozenets.

What is the best way to get around in Sofia?

Now You Know the Best Things to Do in Sofia Bulgaria
The center of Sofia, Bulgaria is easily walkable

The best way to explore Sofia’s city center is on foot. For longer distances, you can use the metro or hop on a tram.

Public transportation in the center of Sofia is reliable and convenient. Make sure you buy your tickets in advance and beware of pickpockets.

How many days are enough for Sofia?

If you wish to explore the main sights of the Bulgarian capital, two days in Sofia will give you enough time. Everything except the National History Museum and Boyana Church is centrally located or close to the city center.

My recommendation is to book an extra day or two to explore the gigantic National History Museum and the UNESCO-listed Boyana Church, go on day trips, enjoy the night scene, or attend the world-renowned Sofia Opera.

What about other popular Sofia hotels that everyone recommends?

Several other hotels appear on everyone else’s list of the best hotels in Sofia. However, here’s my insider information for you:

  • Hilton Sofia is known for its mixed reviews, terrible architecture, and controversial location. For these reasons, I can’t include it in my list of the best hotels in Sofia.
  • Sofia Balkan Palace is another popular hotel, which I no longer recommend. Formerly known as Sheraton Sofia, the hotel changed management and the recent reviews from fellow travelers are mostly negative. On top of that, the area surrounding the hotel needs renovation and attracts beggars and scammers.
  • Arena di Serdica Boutique Hotel has been closed for a while now. There’s no current information if and when it will reopen.
  • Holiday Inn, which changed its name to Crowne Plaza Sofia, is temporarily closed.

So, now you know why I can’t recommend these four hotels among the best places to stay in Sofia. I have no idea why others continue to include them on their lists.

Now You Know Where to Stay in Sofia, Bulgaria

Rooftop Bar Sense Hotel Sofia
The staggering panorama from the rooftop bar of Sense Hotel Sofia

And there you have it – the 11 best hotels in Sofia.

Bulgaria’s capital offers all kinds of accommodations for every taste and comfort need. Splurge on five-star luxury, relax in rejuvenating wellness centers, or enjoy unique designs.

And the best part? You can do all this without breaking the bank!

Now, tell me:

Where will you stay when you visit Sofia, Bulgaria?

Let me know in the comments below.

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