Melnik: Rich History, Breathtaking Pyramids, And Great Wines

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  1. Naddya, thank you very much for compiling this gem of an article! It was super interesting to learn so many new things about Melnik.

    I am not a fan of dry wines, but I will definitely try the broad-leafed one! I was in Melnik in 2008 and back then I was not that curious of a traveller, so I only admired the sandstone pyramids and unique ambience of Melnik.


    • NTripping says:


      I think you’ll like Shiroka Melnishka Loza. If not, try the dessert wine. It was fantastic, and I’m really a dry red wine lover ;)

      And definitely go up the St. Nikola plateau for the best view of The Melnik Pyramids and the ruins!

      Cheers, N.

  2. Thanks for giving me heads up about the dessert wine. I will definitely quench my thirst with that… and with the breath-taking view of the plateau :) Or, probably combine them both :)

    • NTripping says:

      Just be careful when hiking the plateau – the earth gets slippery even by the smallest amount of rain…

      As for wines, just talk to the staff at the Wine Museum about your taste, I’m sure they’ll have the right recommendation for you!

      • Alright, I will :) That is not really a Wine Museum, by the way. The only one is in the vicinity of Pleven :)

        • NTripping says:

          The one in Melnik is rather new, est. 2013. Not sure what makes a museum a real museum, to me it looked real enough ;) There were enough items on display and enough information about wine making and vine growing. And there was wine tasting!

          Never been to the Pleven museum of wine, but I’ll add it to my wish-list.

  3. Wow, only 200 inhabitants, but still a great little town! and located in such lovely scenery. I’ll add it to the list of things to see in Bulgaria for sure. I really want to see Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv but this is lovely too.

    • NTripping says:

      Melnik is a real gem! Just make sure you only climb to the plateau if it’s not raining as the sandy hills become very slippery in no time. Veliko Tarnovo and Plovdiv are also worth a visit, so is Sofia (check my latest post about the capital of Bulgaria here: and the small area of Bulgaria allows visitors to actually see a great many diverse places within just a few days ;)
      Let me know if you need help planning your trip to Bulgaria, I’ll be happy to help :)
      Cheers, N.

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