10 Of The Most Fascinating South African Animals To Encounter

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  1. Svet says:

    Wow, what a fauna-diversity! I really enjoyed grinning at these gorgeous creatures as some of them are quite funny :)))

    I want a similar post on the Dominican Republic. It’s also diverse in terms of animal kingdom, isn’t it? :)

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Svet, I’m glad you enjoyed the post – it was a tough choice narrowing it down to just 10 African animals!

      As for a similar post on the Dominican Republic, I must disappoint you – nothing much interesting to report. However, the most diverse fausa-wise destination in the world is Costa Rica… and I’ve visited! But it’s again tough to narrow it down and put all amazing experiences in a couple thousand words ;-) So a post about it will go live some day, I just can’t promise you when.


      • Svet says:

        Hey, N, haha, I am sure it was quite daunting a task to compile a list of just 10 animals!

        Yes, you are right, Costa Rica is super diverse! Sooo, I am looking forward to receiving a notification on my e-mail with something sexy about it! <3


  2. Looks like you and the elephant became pretty good friends! Glad the trunk is in your hand!
    And love the penguins! If it were possible, I’d adopt one!

    • NTripping says:

      The elephant ladies are astonishing! And you’re not the only one wanting to adopt a penguin ;-) Although on second thought, I think I’d rather adopt the baby giraffe. Or a meerkat… Hm, it’s difficult to choose just one African animal, right!

  3. Seema jain says:

    Amazing collection

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