South African Food: 25 Of The Most Scrumptious Classics

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  1. Amy says:

    Yes! I’ve still not got myself to SA yet, but I have a few South African friends. I remember my first Braai – I thought I was going to a bbq but learnt that it’s definitely not the same! Love a good boerwurst.

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Amy, I didn’t expect much from the food when we planned the trip to South Africa. I only knew fruits and vegetables would be delicious but it turned out the same was true for every South African dish we tried!
      You seem to know more than I did just a few months back, so your next step should be planning a trip to South Africa to go visit your friends ;)
      Happy travels!

  2. This is probably one of the most scrumptious posts I have read and the photos just make it irresistible!

    I am a sucker for seafood platters, so I am going now!

  3. Ok, now I know why you went on a diet after South Africa!
    This food looks amazing! My choice: all the desserts twice, all the wine four times, plus a beer on the beach! Cause I’m on a diet, too :-)

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