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  1. Adriana says:

    (Eyes wide open) How come I find some of my thoughts here? I mean, it’s like I’ve written half of this w/out the personal history,naturally. :) I’m happy for you that you’ve made the first step, Nadia! Wish you luck and will follow for sure!

  2. NTripping says:

    Hey, Adi, thanks for the support! :) I wish you luck too!

  3. Luis says:

    Great to read you, thank you. I am already on that difficult process, I left the boring office job 3 years ago and started my personal project of a travel agency with my wife, she is Bulgarian, I am Spanish and we live both in Madrid, Spain, but the trips are focused on Bulgaria.

    • NTripping says:

      Good luck with your travel agency, Luis! Every new beginning is difficult, but when you do what you love, it’s not work, it’s fun :)

  4. Daniela Eneva says:

    N, it was inspiring to read your story! We, bulgarians, are resilient! I also changed my life few years ago for the same reason and now I’m a chef… on a yacht, and I’m having the best time of my life doing the two things I like the most – cooking and traveling! Despite the covid restrictions I’m writing this comment from the Bahamas! I hope you’re traveling too! Keep me posted! Stay safe and buy a plane ticket :)))

    • NTripping says:

      Hey Dani,

      great to hear that you’re chasing your dreams, too!

      I was very close to the Bahamas this year, but the pandemic somewhat spoiled my travel plans a bit. Oh well, next year maybe :)

      I’m currently staying put in Bulgaria, working on my newer blog – https://33traveltips.com – and making new plans!


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