Guest Posts And Collaborations With Fellow Travel Bloggers

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NTripping | Trips & Stuff isn’t the only place I publish my articles.

Sometimes I write guest posts for some of my favourite blogs and sometimes I get invited to participate in collaborations with other travel bloggers.

Below you can find my guest posts and features. Read more about the places I’ve visited and the lessons I’ve learned.

Guest Posts For Other Amazing Travel Blogs

Enjoy Adventure and Nature at Cueva Fun Fun in the Heart of the Dominican Republic: the cave in the heart of the island republic is till today one of the best adventures I’ve been on. Join me through darkness and the cold waters of the underground river.

5 Awesome And Cheap Places In Europe To Visit Now: European cities are considered some of the most expensive destinations worldwide. But there are so many exceptions, you only have to know where to find them. I bet you didn’t even consider some of them.

10 Offbeat Museums in Germany You Won’t Want to Miss!: if you’re tired of visiting boring museum exhibitions where the pieces are taken out of their context, this list will show you a few quite different options.

The Independent Woman’s Solo Bulgaria Travel Guide: from practical tips to off-the-beaten-path spots, and from the biggest and most visited attractions to the hidden gems deep into the heart of the mountain, this guide is everything you’ll need when visiting Bulgaria on your own.

Blitz Interview: Naddya from NTripping: learn what I love most and what I dislike as well as the best travel advice I can give you.

Collaborations With Other Remarkable Travel Bloggers

20 Travellers and Their Most Epic Fail Moments (Part 2): everyone who has travelled knows that you can’t always be sharp and evaluate each situation right. So we each end with a fail story others can learn from.

7 Ideas About Travel To Stockholm: tips for not so touristy spots in the beautiful Swedish capital from seven travel bloggers who spent a couple of days roaming the streets of Stockholm and the surrounding islands.

Best Travel Moments in 50 Words: this was by far the most challenging story I’ve written. How can one tell a travel story in 50 words? Well, it turned out 16 travellers completed the challenge and the result is simply beautiful.

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