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How To Plan A Vacation The Right Way 5

How To Plan A Vacation The Right Way

It’s this time of the year again. You have requested your vacation days and the request was even approved! You’re ecstatic… and yet not really happy. What are you going to do for your long awaited vacation?

Why Bad Experiences Shouldnt Stop You From Travelling 1

Why Bad Experiences Shouldn’t Stop You From Travelling

Travel is supposed to be fun and fulfilling, full of great memories and amazing stories to tell. Sometimes, unfortunately, there is another kind of memories that we bring back home from a trip. No one likes to talk about those, but they are a part of travelling – the bad experiences.

5 Reasons Why Belgium Is Not Boring At All 5

5 Reasons Why Belgium Is Not Boring At All

I’ve visited Belgium a numerous times and each time I found something new and amazing. Here are several interesting facts about Belgium that I’m sure will convince you that this small country is anything but boring.

Roller Coasters, Football and Castles 6

Roller Coasters, Football and Castles

A road trip to Strasbourg and a visit to Europa Park, Germany’s biggest amusement park. 4 days of roller coasters, castles, football and fun. Read the whole story here.

How To Know When Its Time For Change 7

How To Know When It’s Time For A Change

There is a time in our lives when we try to figure out the things that make us unhappy and to take steps for a change. Found out what I did: that’s my recent story.

Hello World 4

Hello World!

Hello World! A nerdy girl, a Bulgarian in Germany, now trying to break loose from the system and travel longer and better. Join me on my journey!